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About Angel Real Estate Consultancy

Angel Real Estate consultancy is a young and vibrant company located right here in Bangkok, Thailand. Housing over 80 employees currently and working out of the Rama 9 headquarters and in various exclusive project showrooms.

Our aim is to provide superb services in project marketing and financial management for all foreigners around the world that are interested in investing in Thailand properties. Angel Real Estate is a professional property agency where mainly provide the highest value investment returns to our investors, buyers and agents.

Our sales teams consists of multiple international individuals that represents our company globally and are experienced professionals providing the superb services and knowledge of Thailand property to our local and international clients.


Project Management and Project Financing Services to Our Investors, Buyers and Agents:

  • Providing the best freehold residence in Bangkok, ChiangMai and Pattaya with reasonable value & capital gains;
  • Owning freehold or leasehold condominiums;
  • Market research, project location, marketing strategies, creative advertising;
  • Investors can enjoy perks such as rental guarantee services, profit sharing services on all Thai owned properties;
  • Enjoy 4 to 5 stars hotel management services of the properties invested with no worries on the maintenance of the property;
  • Full services on property loan from ICBC Bank & Bank of China MBK Guarantee Bangkok Bank for all foreigners;
  • Giving the best legal and taxation advice and services;
  • Coordinating with top property facilities management;
  • Giving the best Smart home & Smart Communities environment possible to investors.

Services that we provide to our Developer Clients:

  • Client Management
  • Project Financing
  • Project Construction
  • Project Management
  • Investor Financing
  • Investment Advisory
  • Feasibility Studies

Why We Choose Thailand

Thailand enjoys a strategic location and serves as a gateway into the heart of Asia home to what is today the largest growing economic market. Foreign investments, especially those that contribute to the development of skills, technology, property, & innovation are actively promoted by the government. Thailand consistently ranks among the most attractive investment locations in international surveys. Likewise, the United Nations Conference on Trade and development (UNCTAD) ranks Thailand as the 8th most attractive host economy in the world for 2014-2016.

Thailand was one of the founding members of ASEAN and has been instrumental in the formation and development of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Brunei) .Thailand is ideally located at the crossroads of Asia, with easy access to the region’s dynamic markets. Thailand’s development soon include a high speed rail network that will connect north, south, east and west of Thailand, as well as to southern China. The mass transit system in Bangkok is being expanded into the suburbs and air and marine transportation will be further strengthened to meet the pace of growing demand.

Thailand has gained a well-deserved reputation throughout the world for its gracious hospitality. The friendliness of its people and the diverse nature of Thai culture make visitors feel safe and at home in Thailand. In, 2014 Bangkok was named “World’s Best City” by Travel & Leisure magazine and ranked #6 for overall expat experience in the HSBC Expat Experience Report 2014.