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Are You Out of Budget for Your New Dream House in Bangkok? Don’t Loose Hope

Are You Out of Budget for Your New Dream House in Bangkok? Don’t Loose Hope

Are You Out of Budget for Your New Dream House in Bangkok? Don’t Lose Hope

From the moment you stepped in, you saw a fascinating nice interior design, a well decorated and furnished bedroom in this luxurious apartment located inside a glorious high rise Condominium in hustling and bustling Central Business District of Bangkok surrounding by all the necessities of life and facilities of the modern era. Confirmed! Done! And Final!

You decided to take this apartment and make it your future home because this was exactly the space you were looking for. But then all of a sudden you recheck the pricing and realize it’s a bit higher than your budget. In these kinds of situations, Angel Real Estate Consultancy Co. Ltd will be your savior. We will guide you to optimize your buying process.

The first point we consider to potential customers, is to choose the right realtor. There are hundreds of freelance realtors and a chain of agents in the market, if you fell into the hands of these long chain webs of agents, your dream will be mercilessly scattered. So the most important point is to always look at agents and consultants who work directly with the developers. Angel Real Estate is one of these kinds, we work directly with the developers and we sell properties on behalf of the original source. The price that we offer shall always be very competitive.

Purchasing a home is likely to be the biggest investments you make in your lifetime. It’s an exciting time that also comes with many challenges. Don’t let a finance provider be one of those challenges. At Angel Real Estate, we pride ourselves on building a strong relationship, with you, the client. For over years, we’ve been helping individuals, couples, families, and businesses achieve their property ownership dreams. So whether you’re looking for a starter home, moving to a new condominium, or purchasing a vacation home, you’ll always have a team of experienced professionals to help you every step of the way.

As one of the best independently owned Real Estate Consultancy, having a strong collaboration with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), MBK Guarantee, Bank of China in Bangkok,  Angel Real Estate is ready to meet your mortgage needs – yet small enough to guarantee friendly and personalized service.

Working with Angel Real Estate, you’ll have access to a full array of loans at very competitive rates, including low down payment mortgages, refinancing programs, and other home finance options. Thanks to our financial strength and stability, extensive knowledge, and market research, Angel Real Estate is a growing force in the Thailand Real Estate Market.

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