Condominiums give small-scale investors in Bangkok a chance to own individual units in an apartment instead of buying the whole apartment or paying rent. The new owners receive a deed to represent the legal ownership of the units purchased. This type of business is common in Bangkok, Thailand. Small-scale investors should buy Bangkok condo as they give them a chance to own units in an apartment and even have the legal authority to mortgage them.The process of buying Cheap Bangkok serviced apartment rental ,Penthouse condo near Bts  in Sukhunvit and Sathorn, and Bangkok Apartment and Penthouse for rent and for sale, is tedious and expensive. This means that investors must accumulate a lot of resources for them to be able to purchase and build an apartment. There are some legal requirements that investors must comply with before constructing apartments. For instance, in Bangkok, investors must comply with the construction regulations in any location and the construction plan must get approval from authorities. To avoid this legal process, when you looking for Bangkok condo for sale.