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Chinese Buyers Flocked in to Buy Thai Properties Across the Country

Chinese Buyers Flocked in to Buy Thai Properties Across the Country

The growth of Thailand appeals more and more Chinese to focus on this ‘Land of Smile’.

Every year, during Chinese New Year or National Day Gold Week, there are thousands of Chinese traveling to Thailand.  According to data from Juwai. com, 92% of Chinese consumers would like to travel internationally. 61% of them choose Thailand as their destination in 2018. None the less the purpose of Chinese traveling to Thailand, as we all know is not only tourism, but it’s also to visit and see if there’s more potential land to invest.

There are some reasons why Chinese choose Thailand rather than other SouthEast Asian countries.

Cheaper and high quality of living

Compared to the first-tier cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong or Singapore, owing to the limited land, the property prices are too high to afford for a middle-class family. However, Thailand turns to the priority for buying and investing. Nevertheless, hospital service deeply grabs Chinese attention, as it cheaper & more thorough treatment in Thailand rather than back home. Customers can experience the best avail of the cheap price.

Acceptance of Expatriates

Bangkok, as the capital in Thailand, attracts plenty of tourists every year.

Not only for those tourists who visit the land but more and more foreigners choose to live and work in Thailand. Perhaps due to softness, easy going and open-minded nature of Thai people to accept multicultural people. Most people are satisfied with their life here since Bangkok is an international city that offers a lot of opportunities.

Thailand at the Center of ASEAN

ASEAN serves as an Economic and financial extension of the Asian continent, China is financial hub and king of Asia as they are the nation with most adequate financial capabilities to invest across the globe, and Thailand serves as a central corridor and doorway through ASEAN. So this is a Symbiotic relationship that enhances the prosperity and stability of both China and Thailand. For this reason Chinese buyers and investors are mostly welcome by Thai system.

Conveniences, Connectivity and Transportation

Thailand is not only good in terms of intercity connectivity but also in terms of intra-city connectivity, it’s one of a kind. For instance in Bangkok, you can choose BTS, MRT, and Airport Railway Link as you commute transportation. In few years, there will be up to 11 MRT lines completed to extend the whole Bangkok. This is not just merely the milestone that government plan to do, but owing to Thailand 4.0 economic model, the High-Speed Railway will be built from Mainland China to Thailand. It provides a more convenient way for people who travel both ways. Furthermore, in recent years, more shopping malls and shops cooperate with Alipay and WeChat Pay which Chinese people widely use in China. The exchange rate is also lower from the bank. That’s why nowadays in China, they don’t bring cash anymore in their country, and it creates more effective life.

Last but not least, a few years ago, Chinese people invest property in USA, Canada, and Australia. Now, Thailand has ranked as their first choice to purchase condos in Asia. Chinese used to run their own business in Thailand, but since before, they brought their family to immigrate here. Thailand offers not just a potential land but a home for Chinese.


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