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Real Estate in Global Peace Perspective

Real Estate in Global Peace Perspective

Real Estate in Global Peace Perspective

Real estate on global scale has always been developing. The total value of developed real estate worldwide reached US$217 trillion last year, making up some 60% of mainstream global assets, this global developpg15_artment of real estate as an asset has so many reasons but the two most vital and prominent reasons are population growth and fast urbanization of human beings and their resources. Everything is moving from rural to urban. The value of global property in 2015, including commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural land amounted to 2.7 times the world’s GDP, according to calculations by international real estate adviser Savills. It indicates that real estate has an important share in national, corporate and individual wealth with residential property accounting for 75% of the total value of global property.

If we compare real estate developed properties to gold, the total value of all the gold ever mined is approximately US$6 trillion, which is nothing as compared to properties developed but the difference is the life of both assets, Gold is more like energy which can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be discovered and converted from one
form into another that is why it has a status of being able to be declared as a reliable currency for trading in all times of human history.

Real Estate on the other hand is a very profitable asset having an increased demand constantly but it is more volatile and at the same immovable and this is the only risk involved because you cannot geographically relocate your real estate properties, thus it can be affected by natural as well as man-made disasters. Risk involved right? But after understanding this concept we can see that gold is a safe asset to trade in and trade with no risk involved but only safety is not what we want as an investor, we want high returns and real estate on the other hand is highly profitable, with risk involved but that risk can be tackled with maturity of decision making and understanding the present trends in the light of past experiences and predicting rightly about the future by connecting the dots and observing the economic shifts.

World economy is being controlled by some mysterious hands and it is constantly being reshuffled like cards, but people who have a little bit know how about these players and are aware about the tactics of corporatocracy and the warlords, can easily predict about the shifts in real estate industry.

By looking at the current world in that perspective we can see that Europe has gone through a transition stage. Where we experienced a mysterious economic transition from “Pax Britanica” towards “Pax Americana” and now trends are showing us another transition from “Pax Americana” to an uncertain and unknown power. This indicates that Petro dollar after replacing Sterling Pound (Gold and Silver version) has very limited life and it is like a bubble, as far as NATO forces are in war this bubble is getting bigger and bigger, but a sudden blow to the imperialists can burst this bubble with in a moment and with this fall of dollar to an irreversible decline, it will pose a huge threat to millions of corporations and companies registered and eventually will result in a huge space available for new economic system to replace dollarized capitalism.

So now we can understand that west has no future, investing in western real estate is same as blowing more air to the swelling bubbles which indeed are going to burst sooner or later. Now the question arises in mind is that if not to invest in European real estate and not to invest in Americas then where? Is Australia or New Zealand safe enough for investment in their real estate? About New Zealand we can’t say anything but peace in Australia is completely linked with peace in Britain.

Middle East and GCC are already suffering from “Arab Spring” looks like they are in an unending Armageddon. So where exactly is the safe future for real estate investments, which zone is going to remain neutral and unaffected by these inflections?

There is one country that we have chosen for our investors. This country has never been invaded by any outsider and this country has never been colonized and is geographically very important having the most peaceful citizens in the world. Yes it is no other than Thailand.


Angel Real Estate Consultancy

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