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Sustainable Thailand Properties amidst the Growing Bubbles in Singapore & Hong Kong

Sustainable Thailand Properties amidst the Growing Bubbles in Singapore & Hong Kong

Sustainable Thailand Properties amidst the Growing Bubbles in Singapore & Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Singapore have been quite successful to attract Chinese investors in the last five years, as there were so many bubbles booming. Developers were untiringly developing skyscrapers without having any awareness about the maturity of those markets. No doubt Singapore and Hong Kong were one of the best markets for real estate in terms of Chinese buyers but every market has its maturity age. After this maturity is achieved then spending money in those markets is like spending money in buying thin air. The trouble with frontier and emerging market opportunities are that the potential for further gains is tamed, the market been already at its peak has now a diminishing demand for the properties supplied. Foreign investors cannot see any resale value, as newly constructed properties are cheaper than the older.

Besides, emerging markets suffer big setbacks as crony capitalism catches up with economic growth. Sometimes these setbacks can last for decades and even reverse the progress the country has made towards development (how many times Mexico and Brazil have been “emerging?”). That’s why investors should look for new investment opportunities in new emerging markets that have yet to be discovered by foreign investors –like Bangkok.

For Chinese investors, Bangkok has always been a very good experience because Thailand is a country where western and eastern economies come face to face. Where capitalism merges with socialism, it is a romantic zone for the economies to have new experiences and certain new transitions to take place, Those Chinese who are open to capitalism are keen to bring their capitals to Thailand, as Thailand is very neutral zone and for Chinese it’s not really a big deal to repatriate their income because of so many reasons, most prominent is the religious ties between Thailand and China (They mostly worship the same Gods and has common beliefs). Chinese people feel at home while investing in Thailand Properties.

For Americans, especially the retired age community loves to spend the last portion of their lives in Bangkok and they have extra privileges granted by the Thai government in terms of the law. American citizens can own a high percentage of the equity shares and can mostly own freehold properties in Thailand.

For other nationalities like Indians, Pakistanis, Europeans, and Australians, Thailand is a place to find their soul mates. They like to spend time with their girlfriends and partners. Most of them decide to bring their investments and spend their lives in this Kingdom of heaven.

Thailand has been a nation on the rise for several decades now. The country in general and Bangkok, in particular, has made incredible leaps in progress, since the 1980’s, and has built a highly stable and most sustainable economy that continues to grow. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Thailand saw particularly rapid growth, with some years even seeing growths in the economy of more than seven percent. While the growth has leveled out since then, it still continues steadily.


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