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The Second Edition of International Real Estate Expo (IREX-India)

The Second Edition of International Real Estate Expo (IREX-India)

The Second Edition of International Real Estate Expo (IREX-India)

Angel Real Estate will join the second edition of International Real Estate Expo (IREX) held from 7th to 9th October, 2016 at the Ashok Convention Hall Ashok Hotel, New Delhi.

IREX is an annual show that presents investment avenues for high net worth and wealthy individuals who intend to invest in international real estate. IREX 2016 will have participation of leading international real estate developers and marketing companies and is expected to draw more than 5000 visitors. Leading international companies involved in community and master development, residential & commercial complexes and hospitality groups will be exhibiting their latest projects. Angel Real Estate will be the leader at this event for Investment opportunities in Thailand.

There are four main reasons for Indians to invest in property overseas.

  1. They want to invest in international markets. The currency fluctuations give a lot of boost to their investment value.
  2. The returns are more lucrative. Other than Central London which is very expensive, investing in markets like the Thailand, Australia, Europe and the US are more or less like investing in Delhi and Mumbai.
  3. These markets are governed by better practices. In a new development, developers adhere to timelines. They can’t invest your money in other projects. The money you invest goes into an escrow account which ensures the project is completed on time. World over property is sold on carpet area unlike in India where you buy about 2000 sq ft but get only about 1400 sq ft of usable area.
  4. Rental returns in places like Thailand are about 5% unlike the 2% in India. In addition this income is practical untouched by tax.

Indians are still opening up the idea of offshore investing as bad experience of Indians construction companies, fear of the unknown, paperwork required, non-consumption of black money and lack of information have laid a bad perception among investors, Angel real estate is there to educate the attendees, provide them valuable information about the Thailand property market and their investment returns. The Indians who do invest currently are either frequent traveler, or who have been educated in those cities or well-traveled.  At this event our Head of Sales will be one of the key speakers; Bangkok urban development and World-class CBD.


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