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Why Buy Condo For Sale In Chiang Mai?

Why Buy Condo For Sale In Chiang Mai?

Why Buy Condo For Sale In Chiang Mai?

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The Chiang Mai real estate market offers many types of properties to the market. Prizes levels vary depending on size, building and location. Whatever your budget, be sure that you will find what you are looking for. There is a large selection of Chiang Mai condos for rent; from the most basic, budget priced studio rooms to the top end of the condos market with luxury two to three bedroom penthouse suites.

Condo for sale in Chiang Mai is very popular amongst international buyers due to its location, transparency, unlimited landmass, and capital appreciation. The city is filled with natural beauty, nightlife and culture, making it an exceptional place to buy a condominium to call your home, or use as your regular weekend getaway. What’s more, the city has an international airport which makes it a convenient place to settle down especially if you travel regularly.

Why buy condo for sale in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai has very strong growth in the real estate industry, as well as in most others sectors of the economy. Chiang Mai has recently had a boom in technologies, manufacturing, tourism and trade, which makes it the most convenient city to live in. with the general growth in the economy, real estate has experienced a corresponding surge.

Condos for sale in Chiang Mai are popular for several reasons. First, they are more convenient, allowing you to come and go as you like without worrying about security. Houses can be victim to break-ins when left vacant for longer periods, but Chiang Mai condos have the most reliable security. What’s more, it’s very difficult for a burglar to target a condo in Chiang Mai as they are less visible to prying eyes.

Chiang Mai condos offer a great amount of amenities available in the larger suburban developments or townhouses. Many have pools, saunas, and other important features that make them attractive to those with a taste for fine living.

It’s not only safety and amenities features that make Chiang Mai condos stand out. Location of condominiums is usually ideal to that of available houses, so for any individual who wants to tour the hippest and trendiest places in Chiang Mai, a condominium is usually the best option.

What’s more, non-nationals can own condominiums, while they cannot legally own land. Even though there are legal arrangements that can non-national can made to own lands, for foreigners the most convenient way is to purchase a condominium in a building that is majority owned by locals.

Return on investment (ROI) is usually in the range of 8% to 12% of the purchase price, based on renting out the condo. While several condominium use their properties as their accommodation, several others opt to rent them out year-round or for part of the year.

Even though condominiums are priced higher, they make up for the difference in flexibility and convenience. In addition to providing excellent design and elegant style, condos are an attractive investment. Since there are several condos for sale in Chiang Mai, many international buyers are eager to experience life in a Chiang Mai condominium. Welcome to Chiang Mai, home not only to an amazing culture which brings tourists from all over the world, but an interesting investment opportunity for the discerning traveller.



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