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3 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bangkok Properties

3 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bangkok Properties

3 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bangkok Properties

It is a proven fact and a universal truth, if you keep your money under you mattress it will be devalued but when you anchor that money to invest somewhere, money will go and work for you and will for sure multiply if you tackle it in a right way and if you chose the right areas to invest it. However, what is the best “place” for your money? In what capacity can your cash procure the most and offer the slightest risk? As we would like to think, one speculation stands head and shoulders over the rest and that is actually the Real Estate. 3 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bangkok CondominiumsBut this industry is totally dependent on timing and location, the perfect timing and the appropriate location can surely turn wheels of developments in your direction.

There are some favorite real estate investment destinations about which Industry expert believe that now may be the best time to purchase condominiums and apartments in. On top of the list is Bangkok, Thailand, Followed by London and then Paris.

Industry Folks can foresee a rise for a decade or more in those areas because of so many factors but the most important reasons are:

1. Prices are reasonable but still competitive.

Real Estate Properties have climbed significantly in Bangkok from their 2011 and 2012 lows. Be that as it may, for those eager to hustle to discover incredible deals, extraordinary profits can be found. This is especially true for investors who buy bank foreclosures. Research indicates, there were more than 100,000 foreclosures filings in May of 2016, demonstrating just a gentle decline over the previous year. In Bangkok the hottest properties in terms of rental yield and profit growth are properties located in the upper sukhumvit and Silom Sathorn area. On Sukhumvit Siam, Nana, PhromPhong areas are mostly considered as mature areas where rental yield is high but resale is not that much high but following the stream if we reach Phra Khanong and On Nut, these are developing areas where the prices are growing steadily and has high occupancy rate in Bangkok because 90 percent of the population in these area are young couples and the most profitable project by reliable and well-known developer are Siamese Sukhumvit being built by Siamese Asset (An off plan project under construction in On Nut area near Best Beef Restaurant). SkyWalk is a ready to move in project having BTS Phra Khanong at its threshold.

2. Banks are Lending Money.

In the breakdown of the land market in 2007 and 2008 global financial distress, numerous banks fixed their loaning guidelines to such an extent, to the point that acquiring a home loan got to be alongside unimaginable. But, step by step with the passage of time, in the course of recent years, banks have finally started opening their vaults and unwinding their measures. But still they need a guarantee from companies like our self (Angel Real Estate Consultancy).

Having close collaborations with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, MBK Guarantee and Bank of China we can easily and most certainly provide loan to our customer upon their provision of 50% amount of the down payment and the remaining 50% of down payment we can assist them to get loan from the above mentioned financial institutions.

3. Low Interest Rates.

Low financing costs lead to low regularly scheduled installments, which is incredible for real estate investors hoping to boost their profits.

Interest rates, which have been at low levels for as long as decade  in Bangkok, have been gradually moving over the previous year, and up to this point, most experts trusted that a progression of rate climbs from the Central bank was coming soon. Yet, with the unsteady markets, the inverse has happened: Interest rates have dropped. As speculated by some industry expert about the likelihood of a government stores rate trek next three month to month gatherings has caved in to 0 percent, and dealers are doling out an under 8 percent shot of a rate increment at this year. Quite a long while from now, we’ll think back and say, “Recall 2016 when you could get a home loan under 4 percent? Those were the days with such a low mortgage rate!”


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