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5 Reasons Why Smart Homes is a Go for Real Estate Investors

5 Reasons Why Smart Homes is a Go for Real Estate Investors

One of the most widespread applications of the so-called IoT is Smart Home; it is a digitalized home where all types of devices interact with each other via the Internet, wireless sensors or RF technology. This helps to automate appliances to make it smart, interconnected and can be controlled remotely with an app. Here, the Angel writer sums up 5 main reasons why smart homes are of significance to real estate investors and residents alike.

The trend shows a sharp rise in IoT each year and will peak in 2020.

1. Convenience at your Fingertips

Whether it’s for living or investing. A smart home provides an on-demand, innovative way of comfortable living; it can be adjusted to suit anyone. You can remote access cooling system, lightings, intercommunication and multimedia throughout your home without any hassle. For instance, intelligent night light uses motion sensors to spot your presence to adapt the lighting and create good atmospherics effectively. All of these smart home technologies streamline and simplify day-to-day tasks.

2. Complete Control over your home

Not just comfort, Smart home gives you instant access to control all the things in your home with ease from a distance. It can even predict your living patterns to systemize the devices to make everything in place on your behalf. The system is also open to your customization and is extremely easy to use. With IoT, you will always be notified of every necessary detail that takes place within your home anytime and anywhere.

3. Ever-vigilant security

Many automated devices fall into a category of home protection. Residents purchase these devices to make sure their homes are secure. Motion sensors prevent unwanted guests from taking a peek in front of your doorstep or invading your room at night. 24-hour security system ensures that you will always keep your home intact via remote tracking on a mobile app. Whether it’s just a delivery of packages or a trespasser try to do something nasty, you can get real-time footage of all the activities of your home effortlessly.

4. Energy Efficiency

The smart home solution offers effective energy-saving. Lighting can operate automatically using motion sensors, and a programmable thermostat can adjust the temperature according to the setting e.g., lower during the daytime and return to a more comfortable level when the residents arrive in the evening. All of these automated systems combine to prevent costly utility bills.

5. Value-added property easier to resell

When it’s time to resell your smart home, you will have plenty of selling points that suit your buyer’s or renter’s interests. The real estate owner can elaborate the system and elaborate on how it will make life better. Homes with the automated systems have more potential to resell compared to ones with traditional technology. Though it may sound expensive in the short term, smart homes will prove a valuable investment in the long run, either living now or persuading buyers in the future.

Angel Real Estate in collaboration with AI Solution Thailand, a leading home automation superstore, to ensure the most innovative solutions and high-quality living experience via the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Smart home’s system will make your life more comfortable, more effective, environmentally friendlier, healthier and safer. All in all, smart homes let you enjoy the wisdom of intelligent life. Angel Real Estate and Angle Club’s members have the privilege to enjoy super discounts.


Nonthanat Penprapat

The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the views of Angel Real Estate Consultancy.

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