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5 Types of Properties Worth Investment

5 Types of Properties Worth Investment

Investing in real estate is probably the most stable investment that you can anticipate a fruitful return. There are bountiful options of properties that you can purchase with the expectation to obtain an income. Whether big or small properties you own, a multi-profitable yield can be obtained from it. When it comes to property investment, you will become your own boss. You will decide which types of properties you should invest, how much you will charge from rent and how can you maintain your property’s price.

According to the statistic, there are 5 choices that most people like to spend their funds on. Each type of property provides diverse ranges of benefits depending on the type of property you owned.

Land, a raw area without construction or a building, is probably the most worthwhile investment you should pay your attention to. Land without any accommodation can be brought cheaper comparing to the occupied land. Once you spent your money on this property, you can be sure that the price won’t be falling. Once the civilization approaches the surrounded area, there will be a high demand for the land so that the price will be augmented as you will surprise. Somehow, before buying the blank land I would recommend you to do a prediction of area so you can perceive the picture of what it will happen in the future for instance; you own yourself a tremendous land area which is situated in a downtown district coming along with numerous of facilities, you can predict that the price will be at least 2 times higher than the purchasing price.

Condominium or Apartment is another option considered the most popular property investment in Bangkok. We all know that to survive in Bangkok is not easy and home is not always the right choice for Bangkokians. Condominium and apartment could be a good selection for people who seeks a quick and easy lifestyle. Also, condominium or apartment can earn an income from both selling or renting. According to the statistic, rental yield and capital gained from doing a condominium business in Bangkok areas such as Rama 9, Sathorn, Silom, Sukhumvit, and CBD area are pleasantly huge. This type of investment requires an extra cost of property maintenance, but once everything is set, you will find every afford you wasted to pay you a productive outcome.

Retail investment is selected as a good investment worth putting your money on. Allude to the analyzing of investor’s behavior by Krungsri Bank, this type of investment is very popular in the outskirts area of Bangkok such as Bangna, Don Mueng, Krungthep Kreetha. As the number of people is getting more and more in the uptown area of Bangkok and the demand of retail stores is lacking, the chance of this investment is attracting an investor to do the business and money earned from this type of investment is worth the money you spent. An example of this investment can be seen as a department store, discount store, supermarket, convenience store and specialty store (Boots, Watsons or Supersport). Because of the retail investment success in the recent years past, comes the e-commerce business which will empower and fortify the retail business aiming to target the client who lives in a distant area. The trend of e-business will be very hugely popular and will be the main engine propelling the business in the nearest future as people’s habit that likes to purchase the goods on the online platform.

A specific building such as a restaurant and hotel is an alternative option for the investor who seeks a specific business. There are many investors interested in doing restaurant, and hotel business. This type of investment requires knowledge of the economic market, and consumer behavior. According to UNWTO’s information in 2018, there is a great number of tourists coming to Asia and likely to be more and more in the future. Due to the success of the tourism business in Thailand in the past few years, comes the booming of hotel business all-around tourism cities such as Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket, Pattaya or Samui island. As well as the restaurant business that seems to be augmented because of the customer’s behavior that presently spending most of the money on foods, and good quality of good stuff eatery.

The Office Building is one of another interesting option you should have your eyes one. Massive rental yield income from office rental seems to be very satisfactory in Bangkok. Asoke-Sukhumvit area is a location consisting of a ton of office buildings that can be easily accessed by MRT and BTS transportation. With the reason mentioned, this area is recognized as one of the landmark locations in Bangkok attracting a lot of foreign investors to invest coming along with business office buildings. The statistic has shown that the office building rental rate in 2019 will be higher and the rental price of the office building is expected to be more expensive in the Bangkok area. In the nearest future, the coming of new MRT and BTS shall make the cost of office rental skyrocketing. With an appropriate position in the right location, you can expect a ton of income from your investment.

That is an example of the properties you should put attention on. Even though the Thai property market will face a difficult situation and investor is likely to slow their investment due to the crisis happened in 2019, Thailand still holds the position of place worth an investment. Tourism attraction, unique culture, and diversity of population are the key factor which makes Thailand stands in the top position of the country worth your money.

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Anansit Sangsawang

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