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5th Generation Networking & Its Impact on Infrastructure and Housing Industry

5th Generation Networking & Its Impact on Infrastructure and Housing Industry

Being wired to some source means being in limits, having less mobility or in-range mobility, but being wireless means freedom. 5G networking is all about granting more freedom to the 5th technological generation.

It’s mainly about speed, security, and low latency high bandwidth. 5G networks are almost here. The term “5G” refers to fifth-generation networks that are not only many times faster than 4G, but also enable connectivity for driverless cars, smart cities, and reduce the need for wired infrastructure. The user experience will be more consistent and efficient.

Carriers & Service Provider’s Status on 5G

Carriers are charging ahead with 5G, even though there aren’t currently any 5G phones available to consumers.

Verizon says it will offer a test of 5G that will replace the wired fiber-optic network in some prime cities in the United State later this year. AT&T plans to offer 5G in up to five markets during 2018, and T-Mobile has plans for 30 cities: New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Las Vegas are on the list. Sprint is starting with six cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

Transportation & Infrastructural Automation

The key importance and purpose behind 5G are to advance current technologies to the next level and beyond. The most important technology at this stage that will rely solely on the stability and reliability of a super internet is automation.  Automated trucks are already in use in mining, automated cars are already being tested on our streets, but the problems with current network capabilities is they are not reliable or quick enough to cope with millions of cars driving by themselves. 5G will undoubtedly change this. 5G will offer improved GPS capabilities with instantaneous traffic and map updates globally, which means that you will have second to the second update about the navigation and destination with 100% precision & accuracy.

Virtual Reality at its Finest

Technology that we already use in the real estate industry will all advance beyond current recognition. There is no doubt there is undiscovered tech that will produce itself, and this industry has a lot to look forward to. Virtual reality tours are widely being used in real estate, in the way of virtual tours, and in the future, virtual reality will consume massive bandwidth with the advances currently being tested in tech companies across the globe. Mobile phone technology will be incredibly fast and reliable, and it’s almost unfathomable how much change will come in even the next five years.

Banking & Finance Evolving with 5G

Data transportation speed, quality, and agility will be remarkably enhanced, and when it comes to things like contracts, and funds for the sale of homes this will change the industry for good. Current smart contracts used on blockchain technology make smart contracts very fast, and this technology will soon be available to your smartphone. This could mean big changes in the industry, including quicker settlements and immediate money transfers. This will improve the investment capabilities for foreigners in other countries.

Smart Home Innovations

The equipment needed to provide 5G will transform residential neighborhoods, housing, and real estate business sector. Homes and business owners will likely appreciate the no-buffering-while-streaming connectivity and more-efficient security and surveillance home products 5G promises to provide. Get ready for more requests for virtual and augmented reality spaces within homes.

5G will likely have the biggest impact on The Internet of Things and smart home technology. This will likely increase the expectation of home buyers that their future home will already include smart home technology. This is going to be another unique key selling point for the property developers and Real Estate Agents.


Haroon Yousafzai

A Digital Media Enthusiast, and a Real Estate observer in Bangkok, sometimes try to write about the news & events related to Thailand's Real Estate. The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the views of Angel Real Estate Consultancy.

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