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A Review on Top 5 International Schools in Bangkok

A Review on Top 5 International Schools in Bangkok

There are words said by folks that there won’t be an any better investment than to invest in children’s education. Endearment and fondness can be sensed in the sentence. As the parent, one of the mandatory yet heartfully missions is to provide the children with the best opportunity of education because today’s children are tomorrow’s future and they will be the ones holding our legacies. Many of the parents decided to spend the money on a superb quality school to give a good education to their children. Presently, the rising of international schools is prevailing in all Bangkok’s area and a lot of them are offering beyond words quality of curriculum which can be difficult to find the right selection.

Each of international school offers a diversity of specific curriculum spectrum answering to all parent and children’s requirements. Abundant opportunity choices of the school offering prime benefits are commonly found in Bangkok. Here, you will find an uncountable renowned international school with a world-wide reputation giving the children the most hyped educational experience that may never find in any other country.

Leading international schools promise to bestow the beyond quality education with a full-range of the global curriculum. Here is the enlightenment of the top 5 international schools in Thailand with a good reputation gaining multi rewards over the years. All of the international school which will be mentioned is considered as the world-class educational institute claimed to be the best international school in Thailand.

Shrewsbury International School, established in 2003, is always the first choice for both Thais and expats who is looking for a world-class education following an old British school tradition. This place had hosted about 1, 600 students of around 40 nationalities both Thai and foreigner leading class. A broad range of curriculum is applied in the subjects basing on British nationals throughout a junior to senior school. Sport, science, math, art, and music are also can be studied here and all the proud subjects are mastered by well-selected experienced teachers so you can be sure that the best quality of education shall be given to all children. Also, lessons taught here are described as a critical thinking class helping all students to find out the real reason and result. It would be a crime if this elite school is not listed as one of the international schools that should have children studied. Recently, the new campus of Shrewsbury has just opened on the banks of Chao Phraya.

Bangkok Pattana, located 3 kilometers roughly away from Bearing BTS, is Thailand’s oldest and largest international school. The school’s reputation has been proven by the test of the time accumulating the top score point years over years. The proud record nearly 60 years of achievements has been shown in all ranges of the subject; academics, artistic and sporting. The school boasts itself as a paradise for students who interested in artistic learning. Singing, dancing, and performing skills can be boosted with the school’s well selective programs. Bangkok Pattana’s curriculum has followed the English national curriculum which offers a well-round education answering to any student’s aspirations. According to the statistic, the average test score of Pattana’s student is higher than the global average score. Class lessons are said to be beyond experience than the normal classroom. The critical thinking process is applied in the subjects taught to maximize the quality of education.

Harrows International School, established in 1998, is marked as one of the most popular international schools among Thais and foreigners. The school is located close to Don Muaeng Airport with a capacious area of more than 35 acres. Rumor has it that the school has served 23 of Thai princes the finest educational experiences. The curriculum had followed on British style and is defined to concentrate on fostering on the emotional physical, social, intellectual and creative development of the children. The school was separated into lower and upper schools available to take day and boarding from the student 18 months to 18 years old. Sports facilities of this school such as sports hall, a gymnastics center, floodlit rugby, and football pitches, two swimming pools, a fitness suite, a climbing wall, and tennis courts are said to be the heaven for athlete students. Harrow’s lessons aim to focus on how the student can learn and experience while at the same time they can able to explore, take the risk and think critically about what they are doing. An important of artistic attentiveness such as music and art are also included in Harrow’s lessons. It is not too fast to conclude that this place is a playground for students helping them to receive their new ability of knowledge.

International School Bangkok (ISB), located outside the heart of the capital in Nontaburi, is considered as the oldest international school. As a spacious area of 37 acres situated in the Nichada Thani community, the school offers various educational programs such as a learning system in the convention center that’s equipped with modern and traditional tools; this is used for design and technology classes for all year groups. ISB has a current student size of around 1,900, aged from 4 years old up to 18 years old. The school achievement history has been told from time to time by Thailand’s leading class people. This place offers an American style all through school with the principle to help students achieve their academic potential, become caring global citizens, and be passionate, reflective learners. The school curriculum has covered all academic subjects and sports activities. Class size is smaller than all Thai class standards: the average number of the middle class is about 17 students and the number of high school classes is about 15 students. Also, the class teaching here is said to be a well-round education with the latest educational trend.

NIST International School is located in the heart of Bangkok on Asoke road, the most Bangkok’s busiest road. NIST is also recognized as the top international school in Thailand and frequently ranks on the list of the best international school in Thailand. The school was established in 1992 hosting almost 1500 student populations from over 50 countries. NIST’s curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate program offering all the students a full range of exclusive academic, substantial international world language, and a variety of sports activity. All subject areas are integrated rather than being taught in isolation, and students are encouraged to become confident and independent learners through play, inquiry, and exploration.

Here is an enlightenment of the international school that surely will serve all the students beyond word educational experience. Each of the selected international school we featured is the best school situated in a different area in Bangkok. Whether you live in the North, South, West or East of Bangkok, the best educational experience is prompt to be given to your beloved children.

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Anansit Sangsawang

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