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Useful Loan Information

Guidelines about Loan acquisition services through Bangkok Bank.

Lending Criteria

Before applying for a Bangkok Bank loan, you should review our lending criteria.

Our customer loan application criteria:

Applicant needs to be over 20 years old
The term cannot exceed 30 years or, when the borrower’s current age and the term are added together, it should not be more than the maximum age limit of 65 years.
The maximum loan amount granted will normally be up to 80% of the appraised value, or the balance of a refinanced loan.

How we process loans

1. Your loan suitability is reviewed.
Once you have submitted your loan application and required documents, one of our bank officers will review your capacity to make loan repayments. To determine the appropriate loan amount, we consider a range of factors including your income, expenses, debts and collateral.

2. You complete and send in your loan application for approval.
The branch officer will send your loan application form and supporting documents to the Consumer Center for approval. The following factors will be considered:

The purpose of the loan
Your loan suitability under the loan criteria
Your capacity to make loan repayments
The type and value of the collateral offeredOur Appraisal and Mortgage Center will make an appointment to visit your property within seven days from the day you submit your loan application.

3. You are informed of the outcome of your application.
After considering your supporting documents, our loans officer will inform you whether your loan application has been accepted. This process normally takes around 10 days from the day you submit your loan application.

4. Loan and mortgage contracts are signed.
We will make an appointment with you to sign the loan and mortgage contracts at the Land Department. If the loan has co-borrowers, the appointment should be made with them as well. You will be informed in advance of the required fees so you can prepare payment.

Required Documents

For a faster and more efficient loan application approval, bring the following documents to your branch.

Identification, registration and financial documentation (all applicants)

A copy of your ID card or an official government ID card
A copy of your professional license (Home loans for professional)
A copy of your housing registration record
A copy of your marriage/divorce/death certificate of spouse (if applicable)
A copy of your changed name/surname certificate (all copies)

AND (for employees only)

A letter of earnings from your employer (not more than three months old)
Latest salary slips and a copy of payroll account records
A copy of the annual tax statement
(if payments are paid by cash)

AND (for business owners only)

A copy of business registration certificate (commercial registration/trade registration/a copy of the company’s registration certificate/shareholders registration) (not more than three months old)
A copy of VAT records (not more than three months old)
Working capital account (i.e. savings, current, overdraft) over the past six months
Latest financial statement or a copy of annual income tax records

Proof of collateral (all applicants)

A copy of land deed/certificate of condominium unit ownership
A copy of settlement agreement
Down payment slips
Maps showing the locations of the collateral

AND if redecorating, renovating or managing a new construction

A copy of the construction/renovation permit
A copy of the blueprints
A copy of the contract between contractor and applicant

AND if refinancing

A copy of the mortgage contract with an agreement appendix
A copy of the loan contract
Copies of payment slips from the previous three months

Proof of financial status and current debt

A copy of bank account activity for the past six months
A copy of proof of other property assets or other financial ownership (i.e. land deeds, condominium units, bonds, stock certificates or residential lease agreements)
A copy of the loan/lease/mortgage contracts and any payment slips from the previous six months.

Fees and Expenses

Buying a house involves several expenses that go beyond the purchase price of the property. We have outlined a list of our fees and charges and other expenses involved.

Loan Types

Bualuang Poonphol Loan

Bualuang Saan Fun Loan

Loans for all Residence Types

Loans for Building, Decorating, Repairs


Loans for Purchasing a House in a ‘Housing’ Project

Loans for buying Bangkok Bank properties

 Appraisal fee


 Special rate
according to
the condition




 Balance Clearance
fee if refinance
within the first
three years

3% of outstanding

Other Expenses

To help you anticipate the costs that may come with buying a house, here is a helpful checklist of all the expenses you might expect.Initial expenses

Down payment
Commission (if any)
Moving costs
Others: Document checking fee from the Land Department or the Ministry of Commerce, registration fee, photocopying etc

Payments to the bank

Property appraisal fee
Stamp duty

Land Registry Fees

Property ownership transfer fee (2% of appraisal value)
Mortgage registration fee (1% of the mortgage value)

Insurance Premiums

Fire insurance premium
Credit insurance premium (which ensures the insurance company will take charge of the loan in the event of the borrower’s death or disability)

Latest Interest Rates for Bualuang Home Loans

View more details about interest rates  (Effective from 1 October – 31 December 2015)