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Bangkok’s Revitalization to a Sustainable & Green Urban City

Bangkok’s Revitalization to a Sustainable & Green Urban City

It is an innate human desire to reside amidst nature, but people in modern cities are deprived of this luxury. The busy daily life in any worldwide metropolis offers little or none for people to enjoy their leisure times in green spaces. Pollution and difficult access to public parks are other obstacles faced by many.

Nevertheless, environmental concerns on climate changes are transforming the way of living in urban societies. Therefore, renowned property developers are increasingly valuing projects with green spaces in urban centers. Innovation, competitive advantage, sustainability, and vibrancy are the keys to success.

In Bangkok, the quality of life and well-being is assured by a greater number of aesthetic residential buildings comprising green spaces somehow resembling public parks. Such features are highly praised by most buyers.

Greenery & Development

One of the potential benefits of the greenery is related to the faster growth in valuation of any residential property due to the improved quality lifestyle (or living conditions) under a sustainable environment.

Moreover, not only investing in this type of solutions will become stronger, but it will attract more foreigner businesses and talented people to the city. This simply happens because investing in sustainability has the objective of being focused on the person (or an employee) instead of the car, street or building.

The concept goes hand in hand with other movements, such as mixed-use neighborhoods and public transportation development. The latter adds up in the increasing of time efficiency, as fewer people use private cars, which reduces traffic congestion (and air pollution).

Green Condos, Environmental Friendly

Currently, the BTS and MRT train lines are under expansion throughout Bangkok, connecting the outskirts to the city’s core.

Trends & Paths

Besides providing solutions to fit a green concept, many Thai property developers are having a stake on research and development of innovating products, such as upcycling of waste used in buildings construction.

Just to name a few, Pruksa’s strategy for the current year is to buy Grade A land plots for condos with the focus on lifestyle, digital, technology, and innovation, The Bangkok Post mentioned late December 2018.

Technology and digital are the focus of the innovation department at Sansiri PLC. The company aims to provide living solutions, such as building more facilities, and not only building residences, to meet costumers’ demands.

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC) is betting on research and development of innovating products, as well as upcycling of waste used on buildings’ construction from the year 2018 till 2027, The Nation said recently.

Property Perfect PLC, in collaboration with its partners Sekisui Chemical of Japan and PTT PLC, is paying great attention to the environment and people concerned about their health. Therefore, it is providing solutions that fit a green concept.

Greenery On Buildings

Tourism & Economy Growth

Like in many other world centers, the green concept is reshaping Bangkok, which brings positive social habits to people. Furthermore, such a concept not only makes the city gaining in terms of image but contributes to boost tourism and to give prosperity to its citizens and others who invest in it.

The tourism industry is playing a key role in the country’s economic success since the number of inbound foreign tourists is increasing virtually every year. Nevertheless, the economy can perform substantially better if the export of goods and services rises, and the private and public sectors investment increases.

It is a goal to be accomplished with the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), and other initiatives under the Government’s Thailand 4.0 policy. Thus, the real estate sector will greatly benefit from the related policies.

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