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Co-working Space, A Rising Trend in Thailand

Co-working Space, A Rising Trend in Thailand

Co-working spaces have been booming globally in terms of popularity, most notably in the USA, Europe, and some Asian countries, including Thailand.

Are you still working in the traditional office, serviced office or home office?

‘Co-working space’ was set up in San Francisco in 2015 and since then the idea has achieved a great deal of popularity. According to World Economic Forum, today, freelancers have been up to 35% in the United States and 16% in Europe, and it’s accelerating in Asia as well. Freelancers can work remotely; co-working space has been their priority, a place where they can stay in cozy and professional space with different people. Some co-working spaces even offer meeting rooms, kitchen, and public area. That means companies don’t need to pay a lot for their rental. They can choose to pay per day or month. It offers much flexible working style than traditional one.

Why Co-working Space matters in Thailand?

As more and more people constantly traveling while working at the same time, most users value the freedom of being able to work from anywhere with a good internet connection. Co-working creates the space for those digital nomads, travelers, and freelancers. Studies show that these individuals work chiefly in the service sector such as online assistants to architects, designers, and photographers. In recent years, Thailand has been attracted tourists from all over the world, to such an extent that tourism has now become one of the major sources of Kingdom’s revenue. There are up to 60 Co-working spaces from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Pukhet etc. Some Co-working spaces even cooperate with cafe and hostel. It provides easier and more convenient way for travelers.

In a city like Bangkok, the last place you want to be is amongst the vibes of your choice and interests. You would like to be meeting international people, making friends, opening new doors of opportunities and so on so forth. Fortunately, Bangkok is a global leader in splendid co-working spaces. Whether you want a place to concentrate on developing an online business, doing creative works, or simply a place to chill and reply emails, here in Bangkok has a list of spaces as long as you can feel working comfortably.

Some cool Co-working spaces you don’t want to miss when you visit in Bangkok:

1. Hubba (Multiple Locations)

Hubba has become the most famous Co-working space for users. It not only opens for 24 hours on weekdays but daily pass only cost 299 bhat and 2,990 baht a month. You can either choose branches like Siam, Ekkamai or PraKanong where situated the best location from Bangkok CBD.

2. The Hive (Thong Lor & Pra Kanong)

Located in the heart of Thonglor, The Hive has 5 floors of space and includes a rooftop cafe and lounge area with a terrace as well as a spa that offers foot massages. The Hive also offers special rates for start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and charities. Sometimes, you can also find lots of events such as TED Talk, Paint & Wine, and Friday board game activities on their Facebook. Gathering different people to attend the events is also the core of The Hive.

3. The Work Loft (Silom)

Located in the epicenter of Bangkok’s business district, Silom. The Work Loft offers different facilities such as a lounge, outdoor terrace, scanners, photocopiers and lockers to use. Feel tired of working? Here you can get coffee, alcohol for purchase. After working hours, you can join the interesting events and games that The Work Loft regularly held.

Co-working space not only shows up in some special public area, nowadays, some condominiums even offer Co-working space for their residents. People don’t need to even go outside of their home anymore but also enjoy their working at ‘home’.


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