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In a metropolis like Bangkok time is a precious commodity that one can’t afford to waste. It is already enough the daily period spending in traffic jams or public transportations. On the other hand, aging population need comfort and everything at the range. Therefore, property developers are providing living solutions to meet customers’ demands on lifestyle and well-being.

For instance, stylish lobbies are now a common feature for many projects. While co-working spaces are the latest trend in Thai condos. Fitness rooms, swimming pools, sky lounges, and greenery moved to a whole new level in order to guarantee the best environment of fun and tranquility to all generations.

Stylish Lobbies & Co-working Spaces

Stylish lobbies always catch anyone’s eye in any residential condominium. They become more common in recent years, especially those designed with a 5-start hotel touch. The prettier they are; the better you have to greet your visitors with. Such facilities reflect the effort by most Thai property developers who are committed to improving the architectural and interior designs.

Co-working spaces are the new feature that is becoming more and more common in order to grant a relaxing and fruitful environment for people to work away from home distractions. Also, for those who gather with friends or acquaintances rather than either of going to places or to waste time meeting elsewhere and spend more money.

Corporate Meeting Rooms & Conference Halls

Nowadays, there’s a higher number of professionals attending meetings on a regular basis, which can vary from weekdays to weekends. Another concern of several property developers is to furnish high-rise residential condominiums with meeting rooms to respond to the needs of businesspersons and executives, or others that are well aware of their responsibilities. Such facilities are mainly located on higher floors surrounded by stunning views. Which puts some grace to the duty they are engaged on.

State of the Art Fitness Rooms

Fitness rooms, in general, are now better equipped. It is no longer a room with basic gym equipment, but a whole variety of fitness instruments to keep anyone away of boredom. If before the trend was to sign up a fitness club membership, probably nearby home or work. Now, time is better managed by exercising within the compounds of the residential condominium one has chosen to invest in. Depending on the projects, a boxing corner and a yoga room may be seen among the available options.

The fitness compound always comes along well with a sauna and a fine locker room. Especially if it is nearby a relaxing 50-meter swimming pool with great amenities, as one can find in Parkland Charan-Pinklao. Located in Bang Yi Khan, Soi Charan 42, this residential property comprises of a modern stylish building of three towers.

Besides the swimming pool, there’s the jogging track and the triple sports facility – fitness center, yoga fly, boxing corner and sauna. Or the co-working space, the social club, and the meeting room. Quality of life and well-being is definitely assured. It makes the whole property one of the most desirable in the west bank of Chao Phraya River (Thonburi side). In addition, its Tower A is only 20 meters away from Bang Yi Khan MRT staircase.

Not far away raises The Tree Rio, nearby Bang-Aor MRT station. Such a project has received great acceptance by the public. Up to the present time, Angel Real Estate sold 312 units of its foreigner quota.

Environmental Serenity & Handling Pollution

In a high-density city air pollution is always of main concern. It is not any secret that this health hazard strikes all over the major cities of Asia, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo, among others.

In Bangkok, which accommodates over 10 million people, and where green areas are lacking. Property developers found ways to provide environmental solutions to their projects. Not only comfort is of concern since greenery is underlined on many residential condominiums to give customers a valuable choice to benefit the contact with nature in a certain way similar to a public park.

This package offers a great deal to all generations. Since there’s no need for many efforts to be in contact with nature. It is also of prime care from the property developers to reduce the construction waste and to use less harmful raw materials. And by adding green solutions the negative impact on the environment is decreased.

Fynn Asoke is a clear example of how to mix the hustle-bustle of Bangkok’s Central Business District with nature. The project consists of 2 low-rise buildings next to Benjakiti Park and linked by a bike lane to Lumphini Park. It is located in Soi Sukhumvit 10. It is planned to be full of greenery matching in perfection with the architectural and interior designs. A new green halo will be then formed, far from pollution. Which makes this residential project a luxury not easy to find elsewhere in Bangkok.

Retail & Commercial Space within the Residential Compounds

Convenience stores are businesses within the projects that make the life of people easier, thus creating satisfied customers. Actually, we may refer to it as a win-win situation. High-rise condominiums may have up to 10 commercial units. The number always reflects on the residential units the property accommodates. Among them, a convenience store can be found. In some cases a restaurant or a laundry shop. Which shows the value of the project and the potential consumers that can generate.

Some projects may also include smart home solutions on demand, such as automatic lighting by voice or gesture, and App controlled appliances. All to make our lives easier by increasing comfort, saving energy and providing automatic home protection.

If you need any further help or want to have a chat with us, please feel free to write an email to We will be more than happy to discuss and support your international real estate investment.


Daniel Oliveira

With over 10 years experience of journalism between Macau, Special Administative Region of People's Republic of China, and Portugal, Europe, I developed a special interest in real estate by observing closely the changes and impacts the sector has in people's lives. It was then a natural choice of going in depth and be passionate about the industry.

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