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It’s a Stay and More

Offering exquisitely renovated apartment in China’s major cities , prime locations and hot tourist destinations.

Our dedicated and professional team harnesses the axpereince and axpertise of branded intemational service apartments and luxury hotels-to offer the best of hotel comfort and homely coziness. Our leasing options, by days, weeks and even monthas, make tourist lodging and short-team lease a breeze. With accommodation choices beating conventional hotels in comfort. Convenience and rates, holiday-making with eStay is a stay and much more.

Staying Focused

Building a solid online platform with strong technical experiences, brand reputations and business reach to effectively promote and sell apartment on eStay globe and provide value added services of appartment owners , operators and property developers.

Our fast-growing team is comprised of senior technical and management professionals with intemational experience and what it takes to raise the bar for the holiday apartment lessing industry – with a fully integrated, end-to-end online leasing platform that is improved continually to better serve market needs.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2007, eStay group formally launched its online holiday apartment leasing business in china in 2008. A pioneer in the fiels, eStay attributes its success to one principle, stay focus in understanding and meeting the needs, of property developers, apartment owners and holiday makes now and in the future.

Creating a whole new travel
accommodation approach
and holiday experience with
technological innovation and
service excellence .

What We Stand for

Value with excellence, Quality with Professionalism

With a mission to create a whole new travel accommodation approach and eStay group established tour branded apartment offerings: eStay residence, eStay Resort, eStay Vila, eStay Apartment to serve the needs of high-end to mid-range holidy makers.

Relying on the Group’s proprietary technology and system, eStay members enjoy the convenience of electronically booking and checking in and out of eStay Residences and eStay resorts, It’s as sure and easy as returning home, you can call it truly a home-out-of-home travel experience.


To be a bigest online holiday apartment leasing platform and the leading brand in china .Though quality , innovation and efficiency in our service delivery.We will enhance property value for holiday apartment owners and create memorable experience for holiday markers with hotel comfort , Homely coziness and more.


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Our technical edge

Keeping ahead with brains and heart

Our brainy technical team has equipped all eStay apartments with propriety remote control passcode-protected door lock nad second generation identity card recolonization door lock system. At the same time ,the team has build a tried and tested online booking and transaction system that is and secure to use.At its core is a powerful and protected backend administration system.Which includes bookings, membership and finance to deliver formidable technical assurance for all eStay users – staff and customer alike .

Property remote control
passcode -protecteddoor lock
and second generation identity
card second generation identity
card recolonization
door lock system .

Business Operations
Lim Guan King


Guan king bring with him more than 15 years of experience in leisure. Resort and hotel management and business development across four contains notably in Singapore , China , Arab countries , USA and australia.

His past experience includes an illustrate toue with the Ascott group of singapore. The worlds largest international serviced resendance Owner operator during which he successfully led the launch of global flagship store Guangzhou Ascott ,IFC and won China’s best hotel service apartment award 2012. At the group’s headwaters in Singapoure.He went to on manage two of Ascott’s branded residence namely. Somerset and Citadines.

In addition he was the general manager of a CBM-Abu Shabi joint venture
(CBM Pte Lid is a subsidiary of City Development Limited. a Singapore listed interrational property and hotel conglornerate covering ownership and management of hotels, malls, public facilities and airport lobbies)

Earlier on he took office in the Marriott Hotel and Resort Group to manage the Marriott Beach and Golf Resort in South Carolina USA.

Gusn Kiang graduated form University of London with a major in Computer and Information System Major, and form University of Western Sydney with an MBA in Hotel Management.

Business Development(Chaina)
Bill Wang



Bill has 15 years of experience in real estate spanning residensyal, commercial, cultural and tourism,retirement, and parks. He hed help senior executive positions in Wanda Cuttural industry Group and HNA Property Holdings with more then 100 projects under his belt and over RMB 100 billion in sales achievement.

His assays are routinely published on professional real estate magazines and online portails. He has been
honoured ‘Famous Real Estate Mcrobiogger’ repeatedly and is well known as an internet marketing expert.

Bill graduated from Northeastern University with an MBA. He ourretly services the National Reak Estate Manager Alliance as the deputy secretary general.

Branding and Marketing
Paul Yang

Senior Vice Oresident


Bill has 15 years of experience in real estate spanning residensyal, commercial, cultural and tourism,retirement, and parks. He hed help senior executive positions in Wanda Cuttural industry Group and HNA Property Holdings with more then 100 projects under his belt and over RMB 100 billion in sales achievement.

His assays are routinely published on professional real estate magazines and online portails. He has been
honoured ‘Famous Real Estate Mcrobiogger’ repeatedly and is well known as an internet marketing expert.

Bill graduated from Northeastern University with an MBA. He ourretly services the National Reak Estate Manager Alliance as the deputy secretary general.

Online Platform
Neo Yu

Vice President


Neo has more than 10 years of experience in retail and online tourism, and is proficient in systems development, operational management and online marketing for e-commerce and online
travel enterprises.

His previous position at eLong, one of China’s online travel giants, had helped develop a profound understanding in the online travel industry, and hone his skills in system architecture,
project management, product operation and online marketing. Earlier on he was employed with FedEx Kinko’s to take full charge of South China operations. Neo graduated from Jilin University with a master’s degree in

Apartment Management/Butler Service
Maurice Wang

Vice President / Chief Butler


Maurice has over 10 years of management experience in five-star international hotels, including the opening of three Starwood hotels (Sheraton Shenzhen, The St. Regis Singapore and The St. Regis Shenzhen).

He was Chief Butler of The St. Regis Singapore, where he led his team to win the honorary “Best Team” title, and his department to come in tops in L&A adult for two consecutive years.

While at the St. Regis Singapore, he was the appointed butler
for China’s current president Xi Jinping in 2010 and former president Hu Jintao in 2009. Other extraordinary guests he had served include Saudi Arabia’s Queen. Oman’s royal family and important government officials.

Maurice graduated from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management with a bachelor’s degree, and obtained a master’s degree in hotel and tourism management from Universite de Perpignan, and a master’s degree in hotel management from institut Vatel.

Special Project
Roger Fan

Vice President


Roger has more than 12 years of work experience in holiday and serviced apartments, holding important managerial posts in various world renowned enterprises.

While employed with the Ascott Group of Singapore, he successfully led his team at Citadines Xinghai to achieve the best annual performance since six years of its opening. Concurrently he took full charge of the pre-opening works and the succesfull launch of Ascott Midtown Suzhou. He had also managed the marketing and sales at Somerset, a brand of Ascott. He was awarded the Certificate of Management of Serviced Apartments and Pre-Opening of Properties by Ascott headquarters.

Prior to joining Ascott, Roger was customer relations manager. China at Camival Cruise, the world’s largest cruise company, and VIP services manager at Star Cruises.

Asia’s largest cruise company – China’s Leading Holiday Apartment Leasing Platform
eStay prides itself as the pioneer and leader in China’s holiday apartment online leasing industry, with arguably the largest membership count. We provide end-to-end services – from holiday apartments search to booking, payment, check-in, check-out, settlement and room status – on a one-stop platform.

Massive accommodation choices. 208 destinations nationwide. More than 300,000 properties Comprehensive online marketing channels with long-term SEIWSEO campaigns to ensure optimal lease-up rates. 24×7, all-weather learn to cover the needs of our customers any time, everywhere.

Our online platform provides easy access to rich contents including
property details, images, maps, nearby attractions, traveler reviews
and real-time occupancy status.
5 Apartment name
6 High-quality apartment images
7 Apartment rate
8 Easy comparison between different room types
9 Detailed address of the apartment

eStay Mobile App:
Click Your Way to Dream Holidays

The all-new interface brings you brand-new experience: A handy sidebar menu and the selected apartments section
allow ready access to desirable apartments. With Alpay, you are guaranteed a faster and secure reservation process. A
Themed Activities page offers a wealth of promotions and discount information that you’ll not miss out.
Voice navigation, account top-up, promotions nearby even a specially butler service to
deliver your needs just-in-time, and an experience of a lifetime. Get eStay mobile app.


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Our Very Own Online
Apartment Management System

CRS, PMS and a third-party merchants management system
– developed by our technical team.

Enjoy World-class Apartment Management Services

Buckingham Butler Service-
British Buttering to Make Your
House a Home

As a sign of elite status, British butlers are internationally renowned for their
exceptional services. In the past, only British and French royal families and
hereditary peers were entitled to hire British butlers. It was a royal privilege even
rich commoners could not indulge.
London-based butler agency Buckingham Butler service integrates innovative
approaches of modem management with impeccable services of British butlers,
bringing the privilege exclusively enjoyed by royal and noble famines into the
homes of the middle-class and social elite.
For the first time, eStay has introduced the famed butler serviceto china . Apartment owners may now enjoy what was once anultimate luxury for the royal and noble.


eStay Residence


eStay Resort | Luxury Ocean-view Suite

Comparable to international five-star hotels and serviced apartments, our luxury suites are meticulously designed by an experienced
international team. Prime locations and modern kitchens combine with Buckingham Butter Service to cearte extraordinary experiences that business and leisure travelers alike will not forget.

eStay Residence | Deluxe Suite

We always pay close attentions to details because we see you as an extended family member. At eStay we pride ourselves to make your every stay with us a fabulous experience that’s as good as gold.


eStay Resort


eStay Resort | Luxury Ocean-view Suite

Our luxurious suites with ocean views are comparable
to international five-star hotels and serviced apartments.
Located at the hearts of China’s most popular holiday
destinations, these suites are are painstakingly desined by
our international team to create an idyllic, breezy and cozy
eco living experience that you’ll never forget. Resort by tge
hills, and revel in spectacular views of Mother Nature’s best
gift – the sea, the beach, and the sun beyond the horizon.
Enjoy romantic, rustic and exclusive getaways with your
dearest ones.

eStay Resort | Luxury Hot Spring Suite

Stay away from the maddening crowds and take a therapeutic dip into a steamy hot spring in your luxurious, five-star quality suite – brought to you by our experienced international design team.


eStay Villa


eStay villa | Country Garden Hot Spring City

Boasting natural landscaping and sophisticated dwelling environment, our luxurious eStay Resort embraces a wonderful blend of privileged location, impeccable service and world-class amenitirs for ideal single-family homes with a highly personalized leisure experience. Welcome to a peaceful and refreshing oasis far from the streets,
and an unassuming yet elegant apartment lifestyle that is
reserved only for the well-heeled.

eStay villa | Country Garden Hot Spring City

This fantastic getaway offers you spacious and cozy
roomas with unrivaled experience the finest in our
extensive services and amenities, and be totally at ease
with breathtaking scenery of the blue waters against the
setting sun.


eStay Apartment


eStay Apartment | Executive Suite

With the concept “Delivering the Best possible Holiday Experience”, we aim to make your experience with eStay Apartment as sweet as
your home and as cozy as hotels. An advanced international model for holiday apartment leasing. professional hotel-style services, comfortable rooms with elegant minimalist interior design, and an efficient and cost-effective management system combine to make the eStay Apartment experience possible.

eStay Apartment | Deluxe King-size Room

Experience our Deluxe king-size Rooms. From people-oriented interiors to fully equipped modern kitchens,high-speed broadband WIIFI connectivity and cabled (satellite) TVs, you’ll find yourself very much at home indeed.



A New Lease of Life for Your Interiors

When it comes to renovating and decorating a property, our well-travelled interior Design team has only one mission in mind: create a living space with a distinctive style that is at home with the surrounding theme and attractions, and furnish it with soft touches and much holiday vibe.
Leveraging on the extensive resources gathered through our years of holiday apartment leasing Operations, eStay handpicks only the best of large-scale, local furniture manufactures and furnishingsuppliers, to deliver turnkey interiors customization services. eStay helps you, the owner, save on extort,money and heartaches to turn your property into an ideal holiday apartment.

Vacationing-It’s All in a Packages

We strive to extend our brand reach beyond travel accommodation by integrating and leveraging on resources in properties’ vicinity to meet the growing customer demands for lifestyle holiday experience.
We’ve bundied our apartments with dining, golfing fishing, spas and other offerings, with our eyes set on building a vacationing ecosystem for the future.

Joining in the Party – Our Associate Products

  1. beach concerts and parties
  2. beach cafes and beach bars
  3. Self-service seafood supermarkets
  4. Beach culture – take a dip’n dip!
  1. Bridal Photography and planning for the BIG day
  2. Beach sports and games
  3. Leisure golfing
  4. Beauty spa experience

Beauty spa experience

  1. Romantic Fireworks
  2. Dance performances and stage shows
  3. Beach bunny fashion runways
  4. Country folk rocks!

Buckingham Butlers at Your Service

  1. Household service
  2. House cleaning service
  3. Business service
  4. Security & fire safety service
  1. Transportation service
  2. Maintenance and repair services for interior facilities and equipment
  3. Medical Service
  4. Community service

Reaching the World Online and Offline

Behind is an immense embership system with an integrated marketing machinery that’s
constantly reaching and engaging our loyal customers across the globe – online and offline.

Our professional and international operational framework allows the property owner to access real-time, fully transparent lease revenue information on our backend system. Rest assured, we aim for every owner’s continuous and steady returns.

Holidays Products on Our Radar

  1. We anticipate and offer a variety of services to meet travelers’ needs by establishing alliances with merchants within 1, 3 and 5 km respectively of our properties. We make out-of-home shopping and spending both convenient and assured.
  2. We make special deals and discounts a reality even when you’re on a holiday.
  3. We’re fully online, so holiday products near your stay is just a click away.

Our O2O Business Model

  1. The Internet is a product of its time, and so is the holiday apartment.
  2. A convenient and assured holiday lifestyle is possible only with the best use of the Internet.When thoughtfully integrated, online resources will certainly add variety to your holiday.
  3. From leveraging resources to enriching the holiday experience, mobile Internet makes everything a go!

Way property Developers Choose Us

We Help Protect and increase Brand Value

eStay helps its strategic partners manage their commercial apartments in major cities and holiday apartments in ferrous tourist areas. eStay’s world-class management services improve apartment quality. liberate property developers from worries and increase their brand value. China’s rapid urbanization is makingHOPSCA significant and dissent Office towers, exclusive residence,High-end apartment and shopping malls. Commercial apartment in major cities as such are naturally more relevant for shirt-term lease than for long-term accommodation.The escalating domestic consumption And the dramatic growth of china’s tourism industry is fueling a new craze for vacation properties,

and we’re witnessing a spring of holiday apartments in popular tourist destinations all over china.Apartment owners are confronted
With management issues since their Properties in tourist areas are often Not suitable for long stay.Home purchase quota policy, on the
other hand, is indirectly driving the vigorous development of commercial apartments in major cities and holiday apartments in famous tourist areas.After years of rapid progress, china’s real estate market polarization is apparent- with the strong becoming stronger and the weak turning weaker.Brand strength is now a matter of life and death for real estate companies.The demand for short-term housing like commercial apartments in major cities and holiday apartments in

famous tourist areas has become a major factor with a significant impact on the the property developer’s brand value.If these apartment are allowed Into the noisy short-rent market with doomful management standards, they must face the rude reality of apartment management chaos, property quality decline owner dissatisfaction, and ultimately irrecoverable damage to the brand value of the developers in the long-term.By choosing eStay as a strategic partner, developers can expect us to independently manage their apartments in major cities and famous tourist areas with world-class managements thinking and actions to improve quality. Liberate them from present and future woes. And ultimately increase their brand value.

We Believe in Stable and
Sustainable Partnerships

As china’s forerunner and leader in online vacation legation and management service provider eStay is relentlessly forging stable.
Long-team partnerships with real estate developers, advices to delivering design construction media promotion sales and after-sales services for apartment related products.

We Drive Sales and After-
Sales Services

Apart from improving the quality Of properties, eStay,s world-class Management services will help free Developers from management and
Marking woes add value to their Brands boost property sales, and enhance after-sales service.

Why Property Owners Choose Us

We Help Generate High Returns and Keep Them Coming

By choosing eStay as a leasing operator and manager, property owners will find our world-class apartment management system, powerfulonline platform and massive membership base an engine for steady and high yields on their properties.

Management Service Case (1):
Guamgzhou Poly World Trading Center Serviced Apartment {eStay Residence, online July 2013}

eStay Online Leasing Traditional Long-term Leasing
Property Type Single-room apartment
 Room Area 53m2
 Daily Rent {RMB} 420
Occupancy Rate 80% 100%
Monthly Revenue for Owner (RMB) 5.040 3,800
Annual Revenue for Owner (RMB) 60.480 (-33%) 45,600

Management Service Case (2):
eStay Resort Happiness Garden (Holiday Apartment, online since December 2014)

eStay Online Leasing Traditional Long-term Leasing
Property Type Single-bedroom apartment
 Room Area 53m2
 Daily Rent {RMB} 350
Occupancy Rate 65% 100%
Monthly Revenue for Owner (RMB) 2,587 1,800
Annual Revenue for Owner (RMB) 31.044 (-44%) 21,600

eStay’s confidence stems form the quality built by its remarkable international team and the rental level propelled by its millions of members with high spending power. The trend of short-term vacation rentals towards serviced apartments acts as an industry catalyst.
Average ROI for Rental Property:

Service Closer to your Heart

We're More Flexible to Work With

Description Revenue Sharing Model Butler Service Model More Flexible Models
Description * eStey acts on behalf of the property owner and exercises full decision making power on online leasing and value-added services.
* eStay rewards the property owner free pcints redeemable for stays in any apertmentg managed by estay across chira.
* eStay provided the owner with buckingham buter service for hisher apartment
* Property owner may repessess hisher apartment for personal use or rent it cut agaia any time at his/her own discretion
* estany cefers property owners free points. Which can be redemed for reward stay in any apartment managed by estay across china
To be discussed
Value-added Servicess * The property owner is entded to use estay’s bademark and branding.
* estay’s proprietary door lock system.
* Hotel-style room facilnes and supples.
* imegrated online and ofine markedirg
service targeted at global travellers
* self service check in and check-out system
* handing of transactions and peyment processes.
* on-site apartment management service.
* cleaning service.
* Choose estay brand for rooms for rest
* select and use estay paterited door look systam
* select and use hotel-style room
faclises and supplies
* buckingham English butter service.
To be discussed
Partnership Model * Revence sharing * Service change-net revesue sharing To be discussed

Partnership Poces Between
the Property Devloper and eStay

Partnership Poces Between
the Property Owner and eStay

Estay Group Limited | Estay (China) Co. Ltd
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