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How Thailand 4.0 Matters to Real Estate Industry

How Thailand 4.0 Matters to Real Estate Industry

‘Thailand 4.0’ has emerged since 2017 or so. It is an economic development plan. Thailand has experienced through Thailand 1.0 which focused on agriculture industry covering crops, and livestock; Thailand 2.0 was focused on light industry such as clothes, bags, shoes, and stationery; whereas Thailand currently is in Thailand 3.0 which focuses on heavy industry and export like steel automobile refinery natural gas and cement for continued economic growth. However, the global economy has become highly competitive across all the industries in Thailand. Thus, Thailand must be developed into 4.0. China is the economic model with stability, prosperity, and sustainability to cope with the rapid change in the 21st century. ASEAN countries play an important role in Thailand neither China has a power for it as well. Click here to understand more why Chinese buyer come to Thailand.

Real Estate is an extremely lucrative industry specifically in Thailand; the real estate industry is increasing rapidly with foreign investors to the land.

While the Thai ecosystem is in its infancy, it’s vital that some businesses and start-ups are supported in order for Thailand to press on and become part of the tech hubs. The tech movement is an innovative and exciting industry to impact the real estate market. With high-technology such as a smartphone, access makes people’s life easier. There’s no more key needed to get in your home. This shows us the necessity and strength of effective technology. There are exciting technologies in the market, however, being installed into properties and the developments within the industry are increasing booming.

Smart-tech makes the life easier

Take a look at some project we had like The Privacy Tha Phra Interchange Condominium. Smart Access System allows you to use just your phone accessing gate, unit, and digital reception. As technology becomes further integrated into our daily lives, the smart home is creating a range of products and services aimed at making our homes safer, more efficient, and more connected than ever before. This is something that will be integrated into the Thai real estate market in the future.

One Belt One Road alters the way of economic

Under the policy of One Belt One Road, Thai government cooperates with the Chinese government to build the railway from Kunming to Bangkok.

The Sino Thai railway is also a project that benefits the whole of Southeast Asia. As Mr. Chen, President of the China General Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, said that the railway cooperation project not only led to the development of the northeast of Thailand, but the two phase of the project will also extend the railway to the corridor apart from the Wanxiang one river in the capital of Laos, to realize the connection with the old railway mill to the Vientiane section, and to benefit the whole country and the surrounding region of Thailand.

The whole railway line will connect the railway network of China and the whole Eurasian continent, which not only facilitates the travel and intercourse of the people along the line but also facilitates the less cost of the people’s travel and mutual contacts along the line. The integration of market opening and integration along with the optimization of production factors leads to the development of production, trade, logistics, and tourism, and brings new vitality to the economic development along the countries along the line. With the rapid growth and connection, it brings the more Chinese travelers, investors to Thailand, and it will enhance the market of Real Estate industry.






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