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Bangkok is an international metropolis constantly reshaping itself due to economic and infrastructure development. Alongside progress, a multitude of condo projects scattered throughout the city is creating immense opportunities for Thai and foreigner property investors.

When it comes to buying a condo, it is commonly said that location is of paramount importance in ensuring a successful investment decision. Condos offered for sales in Bangkok are usually of a finest-standard. Many provide luxury common areas such as pools, mini parks, fitness rooms, social clubs, business lounges, etc. Considering this vibrant city has it all, at times, it’s not easy to decide which one to select.

Any potential buyer must be diligent regarding the neighborhood where the project is set to rise, accessibilities, environment, and infrastructures. Important is to look at the price per square meter for a comparing evaluation to other units in the same property or even to units in neighboring projects. After having the homework done, it’s time for a decision, isn’t it? However, there’s much more to say apart from location (and price).


Location is closely associated with the plot of land the property developer acquired. Even if the project is in a prime area of Bangkok, the developer can’t simply rely on this state to have the sales 100% granted. Best location doesn’t guarantee better potential, especially in highly competitive areas.

Recurrently the same area has lots of projects to choose from. For example, around BTS and MRT mass transit stations.

Which one to pick? The shape of the land area for construction influences the design and efficiency of the project. Also, the land size is associated with the number of neighbors, car-slots, and facilities that high-rise and low-rise condominiums can accommodate.

Key Factor

The economy of scale plays a key factor. High-rise condominiums often lead to crowded neighborhoods but are fitted with a wider range of facilities. The maintenance fee is also cheaper than in low-rise developments. The latter is a concern for some buyers as they pay a higher maintenance fee and enjoy a smaller number of facilities.

This happens because costs are spread over a fewer number of people. The condominium size generally matters when it comes to economy of scale. The larger it is, the more the cost savings.

Most buyers don’t understand why maintenance fee is more expensive in low-rise condominiums than in identical sized units sold in larger property developments. That’s because the cost per unit depends on how many of them the company has planned per project. Larger developments include more units; therefore, companies can produce more facilities by spreading the cost of construction (and maintenance) over a larger amount of people.

Hot & Cold

Selecting a condo can turn into a challenging exercise, considering the same project may harbor numerous units with strengths and weaknesses to choosing from. The climate in Thailand is hot and humid. The rainy season (monsoon) occurs from May to October and the months of March and April are notably hot (regularly above 40 degrees). Therefore, design with the Thai style of “feng shui” (Chinese geomancy) might be different from colder countries.

The west/southwest part of residential buildings is the most exposed to the heat of afternoon sun. Thai people will mostly avoid living on this side. Consequently, designers will usually trade off this weakness with a nice view of the swimming pool or exquisite greenery space. For this reason, often the side of the buildings without sun heat faces outwards. But if a better view is outwards, the design follows accordingly; thus, the swimming pool or graceful mini-park will lay on this side.

Day & Night

In a hot-humid climate of Bangkok, one may think that applying curtains or shutters to the sun facing windows will reduce the room’s environmental temperature at night. It won’t help much, because the heat is within the walls and is going to come out around 7:00 pm-10:00 pm.

At 9:00 pm units are still warm or even hot. Since these windows are more exposed to sun heat, also more electrical power from the air-conditioning system is needed to provide a comfortable thermal environment. On the other hand, units facing the eastern side are already safe at noon from the sun heat; hence, they have all afternoon to cool down. If someone arrives at 7:00-8:00 pm, rooms are already cooler and pleasant.

Choosing a unit will always be depending on the lifestyle of the buyer. Some are night owls and others enjoy the warm and sunny weather. Some prefer the view that units offer, while others don’t pay much attention to this feature.

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Daniel Oliveira

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