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After deciding which project to choose, a buyer needs to consider the floor of the unit, whether on low-rise or high-rise condominium. The higher, the more it will cost. Higher floor units offer a better view and have less street noise pollution. Rents are more expensive than on lower floors. If the purchase is for investment; the buyer can also resell it later for a higher price.

Besides deciding the floor, the direction unit is facing must go accordingly to the buyer’s lifestyle. Facing north will not have sun exposure at any time, which is the right pick for those who spend most of the time in the room. But if the buyer likes to have plants, it might not be a suitable choice.

Facing south, most of the year the wind blows towards this side of the building. Although there’s no direct sun exposure, a bit sun comes in the winter. Facing east, a morning person can have daily light to fleshing up with before getting off to work. The room’s temperature environment is ready for one to have a relaxing time by the end of the day. Facing west is suitable for the night owls who sleep until late, get to work in the afternoon and won’t return home until late at night.


Low-rise condominiums offer fewer chances of a grand view. For a wise decision, it is crucial to observe the surroundings and see what’s right next door or every direction. Empty land can indicate another residential project coming to light in the future. If the condominium of your purchasing is next to some houses, the 2nd and 3rd-floor units will meet their windows or roofs. Another kind of structures in the surroundings is to pay close attention and see if the unit windows meet theirs. If it does, hanging plants or blind can help.

Sometimes, a ground floor even though has no view can benefit from a nice pocket garden that is exclusively for your unit. Albeit the garden belongs to the common area, in practice no one can pass through. Excepting the gardener that is taking care of the plants, you can see from your window, which gives a sense of home-like atmosphere to a condo unit (Fynn Asoke, in Sukhumvit 10, has such type of units).


Other than trading-off the view and heat of the high-rise condominium, on the facility floor is common practice trading-off the privacy and resort-like atmosphere of living by the swimming pool. Despite the normal logic of the higher, the better view; for the facility floor applies the lower, the better. Aerial floors are too high for a person to see the swimming pool because one needs to stand and look directly downwards.

Nevertheless, staying on the facility floor facing the pool may lead to less privacy. Anyone can have a peek inside if there’s too much light indoors or the windows are uncovered. Lots of neighbors passing by are also common on this floor.

Location & Function

The best way is not to have the unit too close to the lifts since people’s constantly passing by. Not too far is also preferable. Imagine whenever someone goes shopping and comes back with the hands full of bags. Other than that, try to pick a unit away from the trash room due to smell and insects. For privacy matters, avoid doors directing to the three-way junction of the corridors or other doors whether fire escape or units. Also, try not to pick top floor units due to the roof heat and the possibility of leakage.

Fewer units on the same floor are better choices. Corner units are synonyms of more windows and light. It is preferable to pick units without the bedrooms’ head facing the bathrooms, especially because of toilet noise and bad luck according to Thai style of “feng shui” (Chinese geomancy). Units with irregular shape are to avoid. Otherwise, it will be hard to arrange the furniture within the available space.

Unit’s Layout

Before making a final decision, it is important to consider the condo’s layout. Especially in Bangkok, property developers are keen to design and have them fitted with all the lifestyle. Determining whether the condo is well-suited, one feature to look at is the kitchen.

Right now, there are more projects available in the city with closed kitchens. Since they have doors that can shut, the smell remains in the cooking area, without reaching the living room or bedroom. But if the owner or tenant is not a big fan of cooking, an open kitchen wouldn’t bother much. Then, additional space is available in the living room because everything is an open plan – without walls and doors.

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