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ICBC(Thai) Foreigner Housing Loan

Loan Currency


Eligible Customer

Non-resident customers
Age between 21 – 65 years and not exceeding 65 years at the end of the loan tenor
With stable income and good credit
No requirement for work permit

Property Type

Condominium which is completed and located in Bangkok abd its vicinity, Pattaya,
Phuket, chiangmai and Hua-Hin.

Interest Rate

1st year: 5.25%
2nd year: 5.75%
3rd year and onwards: SIBOR+6.0%

Loan Tenor

Loan Quantum

3-10 years, allowing for prepayment after 3 years with penalty.

Normally 50% purchase price or valuation price (whichever is lower), minimum
amount is 1 million baht.

Required Documents

Passport Verified Copy
ID (issued by host country) Verified Copy
Work permit (if work in Thailand) Verified Copy
Marriage certificate and spouse passport/ID/ (if have) Verified Copy
Work certificate (issued by employer confirming years of service, position, salary) Original(Eng.)
Salary slip (latest 6 months) Original
Salary account bank statement (latest 12 months) Original or Verified copy
Purchase Agreement Verified Copy
Credit report (issued by organization like national credit bureau in host country) Original
*For documents not in Chinese or English, please provide English translation accordingly

With Most Convenience

  • Apply ICBC (Thai) account with passport after the loan approved.
    One card one passbook with two currencies (THB and CNY)
    When you use ICBC (Thai) account as beneficiary account receiving money transferred from abroad, ICBC
    (Thai) issues certificate proving the fund comes from overseas.
    The account can also be used as loan repayment account.
  • Drawdown about two months after the application (complete documents submitted)
  • Repayment. Deposit or remit in adequate amount in your ICBC (Thai)THB account, the bank will
    Automatically deduct the money and convert to SGD on the loan repayment date.


Monthly Installment and Fees

*Take Loan amount THB 5,000,000, loan tenor 10 years as an example.

Monthly Payment
(for the 1st year)

Interest and Principle 53646
Sub-total 53646

Fees for yearly
(for the 1st year)

Fire Insurance 1500
Process Agent Fee 1St year 5000
From 2nd year 3500

Fees for onetime-off

Collateral Appraisal Fee Maximum 3210(VAT Inchuded)
SBLCSWIFT Charge 800
SBLC Duty Stamp 30
Inward Remittance Commission 500
Mortgage registration Fee
(1%of mortgage Amount)
Mortgage Service Fee 1000
Credit Bureau Fee 30

Cancelation Fee
(1% Of Loan Amount)


(except Cancelation Fee)