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MBK Guarantee


Terms & Conditions

Principal Up to 50% of independent valuation, minimum
THB 1 million
Collateral Condominium in Bangkok and its peripheral ,key Resort provinces
Currency Thai Baht
Tern Minimum 1 year up to 10 years
Repayment Monthly installment* required with option for balloon
Payment up to 50% of loan at maturity

Monthly Installment

Table of monthly payments based on THB 1-million loan with varied %
balloon payment

% Balloon payment at the end
50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
10 yr 11,000 11,500 12,000 12,400 12,900 13,400
7 yr 12,700 13,500 14,300 15,100 16,000 16,800
5 yr 15,000 16,300 17,600 18,900 20,100 21,400
3 yr 20,500 22,900 25,300 27,700 30,100 32,400
2 yr 27,500 31,200 35,000 38,800 42,500 46,300
1 yr 48,300 48,300 64,200 72,200 80,100 88,100

Subject to SCB’s MLR change

Interest & Fees

Interest: MLR + 2.375% per annum (refer to SCB’s MLR *)
Upfront : 1.25%** of loan size (min.THB 30,000***)

Other Expenses

Mortgage Fee 1%of loan size, payable to land dept.
Inspection Fee 1% of THB 10,000 /visit (as per distance) for travelling expenses
Appraisal Fee Subject to appraiser for setting loan size
Duty Stamp 0.05% of principal (max.THB 10,000)
Fire Insurance Premium Responsible by borrower (subject to collateral)
Life Insurance Premium Responsible by borrower (Upon age, gender ,duration of contract ,sum insured etc)

Other Conditions

Commitment Fee 2% of non loan disbursement (one time upon loan drawdown).
Prepayment Fee 2% of prepaid loan amount
  • Currently SCB’s MLR standing at _%as of

** If mortgage more than 3 condo units .interest and might change subject
To approval.
*** Varies according to location from THB 30,000 – 40,000 per contract.


Particular individual Corporate
Non-bankruplcy -> ->
No negative equity or net worth -> ->
No debts overdue more than 3 months in NCB -> ->
No overdue tax payment with The Revenue Dept. -> ->

Required Documents

Applicant Documents

Particular individual Corporate
ID/passport*(valid at least 6 months) ->
Marriage/divorce certificate** (if any) ->
Spouse consent to borrow/mortgage properly*** -> ->
Company’s official affidavit (valid within 3 moths) ->
Shareholder list (from bar-or-jor.5) ->
Authorized director’s ID/PASSPORT****(valid at least 6 months) ->
Financial statement for last 3 years audited by CPA ->
Bank statements for 6 latest months -> ->
Credit bureau report from country of residence -> ->
Others upon request***** -> ->

Credit bureau report of directors.
– Passport with valid visa (when required) and latest immigration entry
Stamp upon the kingdom arrival.
– Passport used for applying credit must be the same as one used for
mortgage registration at land Dept.

* Applicants spouse may be required as co-borrower in some circumstances.
** Template is avallable.
*** In case of the company has its director as a co-borrower using the
company’s assets as collateral.the director to sign all relevant loan
agreement shal be another director to who is not co-borrower to the loan.Consent from the company’s shareholders must be obtained before
Doing mortgage registration land Dept.
**** In case of non-permanent residence in Thailand. Utiity bill (electric, water,
Telephone) with permanent address abroad must be shown.

Property Documents

Particular individual Corporate
Condominium title -> ->
valuation report by preferred appraiser* -> ->
Deposit/Installment recelpts (if any) -> ->
others upon request. -> ->
  • Contact details to be provided Also require.

1 For certified live copy for all copy documents.
2 That/Eng translations for documents in other languages.
3 color photocopy of passport is required.


NO Work permit
No requirement for permanent Residence or employment in Thailand.

Off-plan loan also available with Different terms & conditions apply And can be pre-approved at off Plan stage and drawdown when The project is completed with no Additional document required.

Loan purpose can be for purchasing New condo. Refinancing existing Loan or releasing equity.

Applicant can either be individual Or company. mortgage registration Can be completed within 7 working days after application receives approval.

  • Applicant is aware of land dept. requirement to see FET from or
  • Tor-Tor.3 for foreigner buyer.
  • Customer required to apply direct debit service at nominated
  • Commercial banks for loan repayment.
  • Loan interest cannot be calculated for tax expenses.
  • Condo unit should be debit free of management fees.