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Real Estate for Sale in Chiang Mai

Real Estate for Sale in Chiang Mai

Real Estate for Sale in Chiang Mai

There’s no doubt that Thailand is one of the most popular and beautiful countries. For decades, the country has been considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Though it’s a major exporter of electrical items, textiles, jewelry etc. and earns a good revenue from tourism, you can’t overlook the importance of the booming real estate market in Thailand.

Recently, areas like Chiang Mai have shown significant growth in the real estate market. The property market in Chiang Mai has been growing rapidly. It’s mostly driven by expats looking forward to live in the region or people who are investing to build hotels and other tourist accommodations. Due to this, real estate investors have been able to find many good opportunities.

With a good climate, exceptional cuisine and growing economy, Chiang Mai has become extremely popular among real estate investors. Many expats and local residents have been investing in the Chiang Mai property market. Most people look for seaside investment opportunities.

Real Estate Market

There are many good investment opportunities in popular cities like Chiang Mai. You can easily find real estate for sale in Chiang Mai. This area has always been popular because of rushing tourists throughout the year. For years, Chiang Mai has been a booming market in real estate.

This city has various beaches and other activities including jungle safaris, rafting and so on. Due to this reason, property required to accommodate a large number of tourists is always in great demand. It has the potential to provide some excellent returns.


Legal Considerations in the Chiang Mai Property Market

In Chiang Mai, the property market has always been associated with some legal considerations. For instance, most houses in Chiang Mai are easier to buy in your company’s name than your own name. In other words, most of the people looking to invest in a house in Chiang Mai set up limited companies.

Once the company is registered, you can purchase houses which will be owned by the company more easily than you could buy them as an individual. Land for new buildings is also another excellent investment opportunity in Chiang Mai. Newly constructed properties are always in high demand.

It is worth mentioning that buying land can be quite difficult for overseas investors. Still, leasing land is a very popular choice. The maximum length for land lease in Chiang Mai is around 30 years. However, most contracts already include renewal dates. This gives a very effective lease period for over 90 years.

During this period, a leaseholder is able to gain full rights to develop and use the land. This has become a very realistic and useful alternative to owning the property legally. Property market in Chiang Mai has been booming because of high demand and long term returns.

As mentioned earlier, popular and busy areas provide some good investment opportunities. However, there are also some opportunities in quiet areas which are far from the mainland. Tourists have started investing a lot of money in real estate for sale in Chiang Mai. This also includes quiet areas.


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