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The Reason to Do the Real Estate Investment in Japan

The Reason to Do the Real Estate Investment in Japan

Japan is the country that famed for many amazing things. Whether you look for life or fun, Japan has all the answers for you. The country has been through a lot of changings with many stories behind history. Since the beginning of its history, Japan has experienced all the feelings of hope and despair. It is obviously known that Japan is one of the most influential countries among other countries in the world.

So far, Japan has ranked in the third place on the list of the largest economic market in the world and Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is considered as the world’s most innovative city. The country has owned a unique yet approachable style of living standard that attracts many people from all around the world. Bountiful of proud components have propelled the country’s economy. Lately, the tourism business has become booming in the past few years with a large number of travelers and visitors coming to this land of the rising sun. A beautiful attraction perfectly amalgamated with heartfelt conservative tradition and culture is one of the most powerful parts recognized as the main engine skyrocketing the Japanese market. Besides the tourism business, other businesses such as agriculture, technology, entertainment, or eatery are also classified as strong fundamentals that have brought numerous prospects business opportunities to the country and the real estate is another business part that should have your eyes on.

Even though the small size of the country, abundant real estate choices are promptly offering compelling benefits to all purchasers both local and foreigners. An option offering is not just giving the benefits for living, but also giving the fruitful income in terms of investment as well. In this land of the rising sun, you will find numerous windows of opportunities that always open for those who look for relocating or doing an investment. As a developed country, Japan has a wide spectrum of real estate choices providing all the buyers from high to low range of prices. The housing price in Japan is considered relatively high in the city such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya comparing to the local area out of the city. Despite the high rate of the price of accommodation in the city, the little research will give you a good deal of property. According to the statistic shown, the average price of accommodation in Tokyo is recognized as the most expensive among other provinces. Osaka ranks in second place and follows by the Fukuoka on the third, Yokohama on the fourth. Even though the accommodation price remains high, the demand for Japanese habitation is still climbing. From an outsider’s perspective, there are a ton of reasons making Japan remain as the country worth investing.

There is no denying that living in Japan would cost a lot of money. The question is would it worth the money you spend buying Japanese accommodation? First of all, the overview image of Japan still remains strong in the international position. The country has proven its reputation by the test of time and the outcome had always shown in a positive way which can be seen on the country’s reputation list. Since 2010, Japan has always ranked in the high position of country reputation which can be implied to many advantages indicating the happiness and satisfaction of Japanese people. Country reputation also implies to many beneficial factors such as the strength of the nation, welfare of the inhabitants, and the quality of life. The interesting things about this country’s reputation list are the better position of country reputation you get, the better the reputation of the overall country it is. Abenomics, an economic policy enacted and advocated by Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, would be a big benefit for foreigner to do the business in Japan. This policy aims to stimulate entire Japanese economy offering relaxed and flexible rule of doing the business in Japan.

The good rental yield would be another option considered as a beneficial factor attracting oversea investors to do the business in Japan. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation of Tourism (MLIT), condominium and house prices are rising by 3.7% and 0.9% while the residential land price also is increasing by 0.2%. An overall gross rental yield earned from purchasing the accommodation has ranged from 3.4% – 5.4% in the Tokyo district as the statistic shown by Global Property Guide research. To speak of the drawbacks will be a slow rate of GDP which has a slight effect on the Japanese economy. Despite this problem, accommodation demand still remains healthy in Japan. In the nearest future, the world’s largest sporting event, Summer Olympic 2020 will be held in Japan. This will skyrocket all of the platforms of Japanese accommodation especially in Osaka where this biggest sporting event will be held. Another biggest reason you should have your eyes on the real estate market in Japan would be The World Expo 2025 which will be held in on Osaka Bay, a man-made island called Yumeshima. The 2025 world expo, an event to demonstrate the industrial power of the host country showing the latest innovative future technology and breakthrough lifestyle activities, is considered as the Japanese highlight event in the future. The world expo was held in Japan in 1970 and this is the second time for Japan as the host. The success of the 1970 world expo has brought a lot of benefits to Japan in terms of income and reputation with more than 65 million visitors coming to this glorious event. This 2025 world expo will surely repeat the success of Japanese history.

All the mentioned detail above is the key fundamental reason you should have your eyes on doing Japanese real state. Japan has proven itself as the world-leading country for the decade and has been recognized as the developed country for long time. There is no denying that Japanese reputation has on the world trend since the history of technology has begun.

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Anansit Sangsawang

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