Reasons Of Why Low-Rise Building Is How Real Estate Market is Trending Towards

There are many reasons why investors or people will like to stay in a particular condominium and apartment. Some top reasons for investing in real estate are: price does go up, people need shelter, a place or home to stay, it’s human necessities. In addition, investments in the property will bring you profits; it just depends on how long the time period will be. 

Why people want to move into a condominium could be for investments or just a change of place.  People would like to be near their workplace, want more independence, or experience a new lifestyle or changes to their lives. But in the end, moving to a condominium is an investment people are putting on to yield profits later on. Investments in real estate mean you are choosing from properties types to your tenant you. So you are your own boss, and you keep all profits. 

They are few types of real estate property worth investing in. Such as high rise buildings ( which are mostly considering as luxury condominiums), detached houses or villas houses, and a new type of property making waves in the real estate market, low rise condominiumTheireir article will tell you five reasons why low rise buildings are worth investing and here for the future. 


as low-buildings are much smaller than high-rise buildings, their costs are significantly less in height and width, just as low-rise in Thailand is not in main bts line and the central business district. As in Thailand, investors seem more high-rise because they are near the city and bts line, with more than 200 units in the building. As for now, with the disease crisis, densely populated buildings are not what people might be looking for. Consumer behavior has changed to focus on a healthy lifestyle with some regard for personal space. Low-rise buildings were not meant to be luxury residences as most high-buildings in Thailand because of location. Yet, Bangkok is expanding, with offices and companies open in different parts of Bangkok, creating value over the whole city. Low-rise buildings create affordability and a sense of belonging for everyone. Many developers are modeling to make low-rise building luxury but keeping it less populated functions high up its priories. 


and highly not densely populated are some of the most significant ways to identify and market low-rise buildings. Low-rise building developments in Thailand are might for people to work from home. Amenities such as lounge area and fast speed internet are a must now in every building. Nevertheless, for low-rise buildings, lounges area to work are more spacious as working in a team with some minimalistic and tiny designs to relieve stress from work. Low-rise will be targeted towards small families, too, as low-rose buildings are not prime locations as bts line, but you can take a short motorbike ride to the bus station. Rooms are meant to be spacious in height and width for small families and children to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities. 


to the world and streets is important for the mental state during times of pandemic and staying at home. High-rise tenants and investors mainly stay up higher than level 10, which sometimes can create distance and feel unconnected to earth or down on the street. SouthEast like Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan is known for street food and food vendors outside the street. Low-rise condominiums offer scenery and closeness to be near-earth and see the views of the busy streets. Working at home is good to feel connected to people and to look outside to see how busy outside is. Especially, in Thailand where the smell of street foods will give you an extra blast of energy and a sense of hunger. Food is one of the best medicine to have a sense of happiness to go back to work again.

Yes, low-rise is nearer to earth and connected more to earth. Sometimes you do not come down much is good for privacy, but you might feel disconnected. Low-rise can feel dusty or sometimes noisy. New low-rise developments focus on luxury, spacious, healthy regulations in number. Lastly, factories to work from home provide you with a full package to changes for consumer behavior and spending power. 


and functionality are significant factors for first-time buyers or new buyers to invest in real estate. Before purchasing or moving into a condominium, people are looking for a fit in their lifestyle. Low-rise does offer plenty of design and functionality that matches investors’ and tenants’ lifestyles—adding for functionality such as a photography studio, a digital library, and even having luxury fitness centers at low-rise buildings. Mainly low-rise buildings will expedite decision-making as the biggest factor to improve the real estate market too.

Yet this will give new and first buyers locally and internationally more interest to purchase real estate. It gives you different options to choose from that match your lifestyle and functions near your personal space. Designs have been a big factor for low-rise buildings. In Thailand, low-rise can be only 8 floors, which leads to less populated buildings. Each development of low-rise will cater to the investor’s or tenants’ lifestyle. It will provide you with the best amenities for your buyers to function however they like. Lastly, maintenance for low-rise buildings is low, and prices are continuous stables for a long period of time. 

In the end, real estates investments will and do always yield profits to investors. It just depends on the period of time of profit. As an investor, you will see it following the developments in Southeast Asia and consumer behavior changes. Investors and first-time buyers can look at how the trend of the market is moving towards. In a disease crisis, healthy and spacious privacy, with less populated buildings, is also how the market trend line moves. Yet, in the end, real estate investments come from the love of the place from buyers, but real estate will yield you profits as the market moves towards low-rise buildings to bring lifestyle changes. 

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