Chonburi province is located on the eastern shore of Thailand. Its beaches such as Pattaya and Bang Saen are well-known and popular among the tourists and locals. The city is significant to the economic, commercial, and industrial of Thailand.  It borders Chachoengsao, Chanthaburi, and Rayong province.

Beside its famous beaches, Chonburi has many cultural attractions such as the Saam Wang floating market in Phanat Nikhom district. The market offers many products from the locals and has a beautiful view of its canal.  

Phra Phanat Bodi Hall in Phanat Nikhom district houses the Buddha statue. The statue is 1200 to 1300 years old and artistically crafted from black rock.

The 103 years old Chao Mae Sam Muk shrine is highly respected by the people in Chonburi. Merchants and fishermen frequently pay respect and offerings at the shrine. The offerings include young coconut, Chinese cake, and fruits. 

Na Jasa Tai Chue shrine is one of the most famous shrines in Thailand. The building has unique architecture and houses every god in the Chinese beliefs. 

Statistics from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) showed that Chonburi province had over 23 million tourists in 2023. The number grew by over 58% from 2022. About 9.5 million tourists are foreigners. The revenue from tourism was 233,681 million baht. The occupancy rate in Chonburi was 78%.

Data from REIC showed that from January to December 2023, the transfer of ownership from foreigners was 14,449 units at the value of 73,161 million baht. The transfer of ownership in Chonburi from foreigners was 5,935 units (41.1% of total) and ranked 1st.

Chinese rank 1st in the transfer of ownership in Chonburi at 6,614 units (45.8%) follow by the Russian at 1,260 units (8.7%), Americans at 631 units (4.4%), Myanmar at 564 units (3.9%), and Taiwanese at 532 units (3.7%).

In 2023, the average unit size in the transfer of ownership from the foreigners was 45.6 sq.m (at 5.1 million baht per unit or 110,981 baht per sq.m). Myanmar held the highest value in transfer of ownership at 6.6 million baht per unit. The UK held the highest average room size at 56.5 sq.m. Chinese had the transfer of ownership at 5.2 million baht per unit and the average size of 39.5 sq.m.


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