“Wong Amat” the high-end retreat in Northern Pattaya

Pattaya is always on the top of mind as the most popular destination for both Thai and international tourists. Pattaya lies close to Bangkok, just 140 km or about a 2 hours car ride. The close proximity to Bangkok and the wide variety of attractions ranging from entertainment, nature, beach, culinary make Pattaya as the true “Excitement Tourism Destination”. 

“Wong Amat Beach” in Northern Pattaya is renowned for its luxury and high-end amenities. This zone has many beach resorts. It does not have a beachside road, no beach activities, and is less crowded. Therefore the beach in this area remains clean and provides a private feeling. Although Wong Amat beach is only 1.5 km long, it consists of many five-star resorts and condominiums such as Cape Dara, Grand Center Point Space Pattaya, Centara Grand Beach Resort Pattaya, Pullman Pattaya G Hotel, Longbeach Garden and Spa, and Golden Tulip Pattaya Beach Resort. Numerous five star restaurants such as The Glasshouse Silver, Sunset Lounge, Surf & Turf Beach Club & Restaurant in this area are popular among the high-purchasing tourists. The uniqueness and these amenities put Wong Amat Beach as a destination for people who love relaxation, private feeling, and serenity. 

Some attractions nearby Wong Amat Beach are Terminal 21 Pattaya, the sanctuary of truth museum, Mini Siam, driving range, Tiffany’s show, and Alcazar cabaret show. 

Lands in Wong Amat beach are hard to find. In 2023, the land price in this area was 300,000 to 375,000 Baht per square wa. The width is about 20 to 40 meters. The limited land supply makes any new condominium in this area a rare item and is an asset that needs to be owned right away because its price will definitely keep increasing.  

Wong Amat beach
Wong Amat beach

The presale price of a condominium in this area is around 86,000 Baht per sq.m. The current price is 200,000 Baht per sq.m which shows an increment of 8% per year. The increasing condominium price truly reflects the capability and strong growth in the Wong Amat Beach area. 

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