Academic institutions in Thailand increasingly gain attraction from students around Asia, especially from the Chinese students. Data from the Chinese embassy estimates around 50,000 Chinese students currently enrolled in academic institutions across Thailand. Most of them came from Yunnan and Guangxi region in the southern part of China. Studying in Thailand offers affordability and a variety of studying programs, which continually increase the popularity of Thailand as the education destination.

In 2021, the Asian Education Institute reported the spending of Chinese students in Thailand. Their annual expenses were approximately 224,268 baht. Monthly expenses on accommodations were 10,000 to 15,000 Baht. Expenses on tuition fees were 90,000 baht annually. The rest are for personal expenses. 

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation reported in 2020 that 14,423 Chinese students enrolled in universities across Thailand (50 institutions in Bangkok; 19 institutions in northern provinces; 12 institutions in northeastern provinces; 5 institutions in southern provinces; 5 institutions in eastern provinces; and 7 institutions in central provinces). Approximately 70% of Chinese students enrolled in private universities such as Assumption University (ABAC), Dhurakij Pundit University, Bangkok University, Rangsit University, Stamford International University, Sripatum University, Krirk University, and more.     

The demand for condominiums near university continually rises. Krungthai Compass reported an increase in rental yield in condominiums
near university. The rental yield of condominiums near Kasetsart-Sripatum university rose 5%; near Kasetsart-Ladproa-Ari rose 4.7%;
near Srinakharinwirot university rose 5.2%; near asoke-rama9-ratchada rose 4.8%. Other provinces such as Chiang Mai recently gained popularity. The rental yield of condominiums in Chiang Mai rose 4.8-5%. 

Further from Bangkok, condominiums near universities in Pathumthani, Samutprakarn, and Nakhon Pathom are gaining demand as well. The areas are attractive for investing in condominium rentals to serve students such as Rangsit areas to serve students from Bangkok university, Rangsit university, and Thammasat university; Bang Kaen areas to serve students from Kasetsart university and Sripathum university; Salaya areas to serve Mahidol university and Silapakorn university.


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