Thonglor-Ekamai is always the favorite and popular area on Sukhumvit road. The areas are dazzling with activities and livelihood. A large community of expats resides in this area, which cemented Ekamai-Thonglor as one of the most attractive areas for living and investing. 

Thonglor can be divided into three zones along the Thonglor road: upper Thonglor, middle Thonglor, and lower Thonglor. Upper Thonglor is situated near BTS Thonglor station. It has a relaxed atmosphere with many small shops, hotels, and easy access to BTS station. Middle Thonglor is considered as the center of Thonglor. The area is vibrant with restaurants, lifestyle attractions and amenities. It is the true image of Thonglor. Whereas the more calm and quiet Lower Thonglor lies toward Phetchaburi road. The area is full of showrooms and cosmetics centers.     

Many expats and foreigners choose to reside in the Thonglor area due to wide-range of high-end amenities and international services. There is a large community of Japanese that live in the area. Many foreigners sought after condominiums in this area for their own living and for investing as rental property. About 81% of condominium renters in Thonglor are foreigners from Japan, Europe, South Korea, and the United States. The local Thais account for 19% of the rental market in the Thonglor area. Amenities for premium lifestyle and international living include Samitivej hospital, Ekamai International School, J Avenue, the Commons, Donki mall, Fuji supermarket, Nihonmura mall, and more. 

Condominiums in the Thonglor area are mostly in the luxury segment. The condominium buyers distinguish each project based on its additional value and emotional value. For the homebuyer, they seek the project that best represents the status of its tenants, good location, within a walkable distance to lifestyle amenities, exceptional central facility, exclusive service offering, and potential increase in value. Whereas the investor for renting mostly looks at a good facility management team that offers and can assure promising rental yield.  

Krungthai compass reported that Sukhumvit area is one of the three areas in Bangkok that generate outstanding gross rental yield at 4.7 to 4.8% annually. The area is full of amenities for a great lifestyle, located near mass transit, main roads, and infrastructure. High-end shopping malls and continuous development make this area easy for living and very attractive for investment.


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